My inactivity has likely been noted by now and I apologize for it but am not yet at liberty to rectify the situation. Bit by bit I am incorporating new activities into my schedule but it is taking some time to adjust. I wake up between 5:30 am and 6:00 am and am usually hard at work on something until Isadora goes to bed for the night. Once she is in bed I spend that time with Sam which has always been my custom.

So what precisely is going on.

First the car. As you know our car broke down during the holidays and we sent it to the shop for repairs despite our intense aversion to that particular vehicle we simply could not afford another car so soon after buying a new house. As you may also know it broke down again shortly after it was repaired so we had to borrow a car from the in-laws. After the car broke down the second time Sam had a breakdown. He couldn’t bring himself to repair the old car because the very sight of it filled him with violence (it has been giving us issues for year) and he didn’t want to inconvenience his parents. Since we live in the country now we have to have a car. I think you can understand the dilemma. Anyhow his parents bought us a Mitsubishi Outlander and they refuse to accept money for it. It is a used car but a nice one. It has a four-wheel drive and we can now get up the driveway without a racing head-start. His dad has agreed to take care of the old car but once he took on that car it began to develop new problems. In addition his own car actually broke down. When I say that car is cursed I am serious! I think we need an exorcist and not a mechanic.

My health (men look away and skip this section)

I have Menorrhagia (heavy and prolonged periods). I take medicine to stop my periods but for the last few months I have noticed an increasing amount of bleeding and menstrual pain. Prior to taking this medication I would have my period every 2 to 3 weeks and it would last 10 to 14 days. I had even started to have between period bleeding. Several days of my epically long periods the bleeding would be so bad I really couldn’t leave the house. So I am not happy to be bleeding. I actually have no idea why I have Menorrhagia. My mom also had it before she had a complete hysterectomy and hers escalated to the point of needing transfusions. She has Hypothyroidism. I am thinking I am going to have to have my thyroid checked (provided I can convince anyone to do it, the thing is my thyroid levels fluctuate so sometimes I am in the range of Hypothyroidism and sometimes not). I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday to talk about the meds. I am scared that they will take me off if they aren’t working properly and I will go back as before. As I am of child-bearing age I am not sure they’d be so extreme as to remove anything. Aside from that they can scrap off the lining from my uterus permanently which sounds horrific to me.

School. As you know I am back in school though I am only taking one class. In order to study in the city I have to acquire special forms to prove my residence so the district I am in can pay for my traveling expenses. I was told I have to talk to someone in my district and that my school could not provide the forms. I attempted contact with one man but he would not return my entreaties. The second man was considerably more friendly but did not wish to speak to me directly, he wanted to speak to a school administrator. He promised to contact said person but after waiting a week with no response I emailed him impressing on him how important these forms were. Lo and behold I discover he has no such forms and I am supposed to get them from my school after all. Though I was told by the school that they did not have the forms and looked at like I was crazy for even mentioning them. I have been trying to get these forms since I started! Supposedly my teacher will give them to me but I also have to get proof of residence. So it isn’t sorted yet. Speaking of school I went yesterday and on Tuesdays the bus schedule forces me to go in early. Well I get there and it is closed I mean completely. So I’ve made a long trip for no reason and lost the better part of a day. Apparently there was a random teacher conference. A fight broke out at the school the previous week, some of the students are from countries that are at war and it got ugly. Our class continues to get bigger as we take on students because several teachers have fallen seriously ill. I snapped from stress and yes I was cussing at a locked door for a good five minutes.


I have to resume that shit but where’s the time? How do I not break down in class?

Child’s Health

As you know my daughter had chicken pox a while ago. Well last night after a very annoying day I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep but that isn’t how it turned out. Isadora got sick and started throwing up and I mean she threw up a lot. I actually have no idea how to clean vomit and cleaning it with paper towels given the volume well it took a long time and she desperately wanted to go to sleep again poor baby. After everything was clean as I could manage in the middle of the night when I am all but brain dead, I gave her a bucket. She threw up a bit more but did get through the night with some sleep. This morning I went to do a load of laundry and a fuse blew. It took out the washer, drying, dishwasher, television, and a computer. Sam went to get new fuses before work but even though replaced the appliances aren’t working. He had to go to work so as of now I don’t know if they will work. But I hope they are not broken. I had to put Mr Bear into the wash which is Isadora’s sleep toy but the washer went down and now he is soaked and won’t dry by night. I don’t own a hair dryer and everything else that could dry isn’t working. I told her he would have to sit in a bowl by her bed and she seems okay about it but it remains to be seen how she feels when she can’t cuddle with him at night. She hasn’t thrown up today but isn’t really eating and she is obviously feeling bad. Did I mention I also have a test on Friday?


34 thoughts on “Too Many Straws Not Enough Scarecrows

    1. Thank you so much I like to dress my rants up with pretty titles lol I am at present sitting in the dark because some of the lights have gone. So far my laptop is okay because it isnt connected to same area

  1. My own stress level went up by just reading this 😦 Sorry I can’t find my magic wand but my best thoughts and wishes is all I have. I am going through some situations but now they seem insignificant compared to you. Make sure you focus on the good things, the little things that sustains you because those are most important when everything else seems to fall appart.

    1. Hubbie was able to fix the electricity with some help from his dad! My little girl is still sick and I have to stay home again because hubbie has an important work meeting tomorrow so I won’t have any idea what is on the test on Friday but I will just study and hope for the best lol

  2. Wow, that a a lot on your plate! I hope you and your daughter have a speedy recovery from the ills, and that life sends you a reprieve from what sounds like relentless problems! 🙂

  3. whew…now that is a lot…
    and i am glad i looked away (partially…after the first sentence)…ha…
    you do have a lot on your plate…going back to school is tough too…i am two classes away from being done with my masters and i will be so relieved…

  4. Dear Yves I hope things get better soon. Lucky you have generous in-laws. I think your old car needs the scrap yard not a mechanic.
    So best wishes with Dr’s visits and tests, hope all goes well for you.

  5. I hope some good mojo comes your way, and especially hope Isadora and you get healed fast.
    As for the papers, I remember I had to take those out from the police building, like a proof of address listing? Ofcourse, Sweden could be entirely different from Serbia and Turkey, but worth a shot, to maybe ring them up, the foreigners departement and ask? it is really all about avoiding the ping-pong situation you are experiencing and just learn where exactly are those papers given. You could also perhaps ask a person from the same class as you where did he/she get their paper?

    1. Thank you I hope so too. Kids are resilient and hopefully this doctor will actually look for the cause because I think if we sort that it would work better than just trying to suppress the symptom. I have had this issue since I was 11, as a teenager I also had ovaries full of cysts.

      I know where to go now it is just a matter of having a moment to get there! I can’t take Isadora with when she is sick so I we’ll see if I can magically squeeze it in between the doctor and class

      1. Perhaps dial them up and explain the situation, so they can hopefully prepare the papers for you, so you do not have to wait?
        Sorry if I am being annoying, I am just constantly troubled with the paperwork people and the fact that I think they should meet people half way at times.

        My cousin had the menstruation thingy like a decade ago. I remember she went for testing, but they never discovered the cause of it. It just magically stopped by itself :S I am hoping they do look into it for you and give you an adequate treatement.

        I am sending you lots of hugs!

      2. I am not sure I can make appointments but I have been in the past and so long as I arrive early it is usual very simple. If I don’t arrive when it opens though the wait can be very long. I have to see what time I get out of the doctor’s office.

        I would love it if my condition went away! I have had this issue since I have had a period and while some things have improved less Ovarian cysts and consequently less pain but for some reason still the bleeding

  6. Oh ugh, sorry to hear this 😦 I have endometriosis, so I understand some of what you’re going through. When I’ve had breakthrough bleeding, it appears to be in response to stress. I also have low thyroid, btw. Lately I have had my hormones tested for the first time, and they were seriously out of whack. For awhile though without testing I have been prescribed bioidentical progesterone, and even though I am now only at the very low end of normal with that, it has made a huge difference with shortening my periods. So I would suggest when you have your thyroid tested, get the other stuff tested as well. Good luck–I know how much fun it is not!!

    1. I am sorry to hear that! How were you tested for that? I am going to request it but I am not sure if my request will be taken under serious consideration. I have never met this doctor before I have been switched around a lot

  7. Hmm, what strange deity have you offended lately Yves? This goes way beyond a bad month. Life can only get better.

  8. Oi! This is has indeed been such an epic few months for you and your family Yves. I really hope that everything will just settle right down into a smooth running frame where 1) health issues are resolved – or at least under control so that everything else follows suit – for everyone. 2) No more strange mechanical issues with anything – cars or house or other incidentals – so that you can all enjoy being less stressed and hassled, and favor family time and togetherness. This should all be new and exciting – not a pleasure trip fraught with disasters upon disasters.
    3) You manage to get straight answers and the damn papers you need to “get it done.” Nothing like the one-two- leading to a three-four from you. Seriously.

    All in all, sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes so that everything sorts itself out.

    Btw …. about the thyroid – you give the doctor as much info as possible as to the whys etc. and insist on the test – they begin to test for thyroid issues by a simple blood test, that doesn’t even require fasting. And then they go from there. If your thyroid is off – even in the slightest way – it has adverse effects on your whole body – and can cause long-term, serious health issues. And, if it is off, the process may take months to adjust – but at least you’d be on a much better track. Here’s hoping all will get it self sorted for you – because there is nothing worse than feeling so unwell and having such awful troubles.

    1. I have just updated on this and things are starting to smooth out! Thank you for your encouragements

      Thyroid issues run in my family and on my mother’s side there is a very long list of sufferers. My thyroid levels fluctuate from high to normal and I expect my thyroid has even been low as I can remember two instances where I dropped a lot of weight for no identifiable reason. About two years ago I lost 10 kgs in a year and for someone who was not overweight to begin with it was an unnecessary loss that put me into the underweight category. I have since gained it back, I didn’t want all of it back but that is another story. Five years ago I had a panel done and my level was normal but my thyroid was showing significant signs of exhaustion/distress. I have already been warned that it is a matter of time and to be honest I m sick of the waiting game. My weight has been an ongoing battle, my skin is extremely dry with weird scaly patches, my hair falls out (I think every power that be that I started out with such thick hair), cold weather is physically painful, my joints ache, my memory is shit. I also suffer from fatigue, Depression (though that could be for other reasons), constipation, bradycardia, and heavy periods, the symptoms are all present and accounted for, I would like to treat this now and stop passively observing the protracted death of my inadequately functioning gland.

      1. Oh hell – it sounds like you suffer from both hypo and hyper thyroidism – because if you suddenly lose alot of weight, that would be associated with an overactive thyroid. Either way, since you’re familiar with it all, then, you definitely need to take a stance. Perhaps the hair loss could be due to iron deficiency, because of the excessive blood loss during your periods …. either way, I would think that a thyroid test, hormone panel and general blood work would be the order of the day, to at least get a strong basis to know what’s what.

        I hate it when doctors sit there and look at you as if you have 4 heads, if you are proactive – and they can’t find anything wrong or so they think. I too suffer from depression, and despite the adverse effects of that, there is often more to the story – as you’ve said, the joint pain etc etc. This is just a complete stab in the dark, but try some research on Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

        I really hope you start to get some answers, because there is nothing worse than not being heard, or taken seriously, and then they wonder why we are driven to extremes of despair or rage.

        Sending you positive thoughts.

      2. I think it is just a matter of thyroid being unable to regulate itself. I will eventually have just Hypothyroidism, that is what I have been told anyways. So eventually I will be on the replacement hormone. I have read that people in my situation can take the hormone to balance, support the thyroid but I have never been offered that alternative before. I would jump at the chance though because this has been affecting my health for years and thyroid medicine is quite safe. I might have anemia, I have had it in the past because of blood loss. The doctor I just saw was new and she seemed reasonable. She listened to me about testing the thyroid so perhaps she will be able to offer some solution once the labs are back.

        The thing I can’t figure out is she asked me what I was taking for Epilepsy. You don’t know this story but I was diagnosed with Epilepsy several years ago when the medicine didn’t work I was sent to a specialist. The specialist eventually declared that I did not have Epilepsy but PNES (after years of testing and after disputing the original EEGs and it was very ugly) and still my records say I have Epilepsy so I have to explain to every doctor I meet that I have Pnes and not Epilepsy. The weirdest thing is that the Specialist claims that I was never diagnosed with Epilepsy but if I wasn’t then why on earth is it in my official files and why on earth hasn’t she corrected my diagnosis?

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