Wordle 47 Feb. 9


Voice 1: How long do you intend to leave your baggage sealed and unattended?

Conscious: If my existence is indeed the oubilette of a seldom-petitioned deity perhaps I will remain here, at this terminal, until my very bones pollinate the earth on which I stand.

Voice 2: There is an elegance in scripture but that does not excuse its improvisations.

Conscious: What excuse can I employ then? Every crutch I have ever leaned on has proven unsteady. I am to blame and yet I do not know how to assume responsibility, only guilt.

Voice 1: Blood or syrup? Which is sweeter? Man is indebted to failure. How else can one measure success?

Conscious: There are dents in my heart and evacuations in my shawl. I am imperfect and yet even still I deny the excitement of those seams and ripples. Better that I should paddle myself than accept the monstrosity that is love and sexuality. Isolation is unnatural and yet it is my prerogative to bare.

Voice 2: There are canals for which the destination cannot be known until arrival, an aorta is such a passage. The heart cannot rationalize its impulses. The mind is clouded by preference. The Devil is always articulate but would you stake your soul on his counsel?


I went in a very unusual direction. There are so many voices inside my head (inside any head I imagine), often competing and contradictory points of view. The older I get the more time I spend exploring the grey zones of morality, of existence, the more time I spend searching, desperate for clarity, for an answer, for a solution, for a cause only to find that all we have our choices and those choices can lead us in directions we can’t even begin to fathom!


24 thoughts on “Wordle #47 “Swan Song”

  1. This is something I know I have realized as well. I always wondered why I have such a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, searching for one belief to sustain me and as your writing so aptly points out, we are a mass of contradictions, seeing so many different paths etc. I feel like there is no one direction to follow in our lives. The paths always change as we do. Remarkable writing!

  2. fascinating structure…
    i live the reply of conciousness about the dents in the heart and evacuations…the excitement of the seems and ripples…that whole section…

    i hope you are well…

  3. This is astonishing. No. Truly. I think I would love to see this in comic form. (So glad you’re still posting, Yves. I was beginning to wonder if you’d be back!) πŸ™‚

  4. This is a remarkable piece Yves – definitely a bonus that you allowed yourself the rein to write in a different direction. I think it works fabulously. It is such a well-written and provocative piece – it resonates with the narration and differing points of view so well, and as ever, your turns of phrase are stunning. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you sneaking around here and there – and yes, a true delight to read some new posts πŸ˜€

      1. Oh dear – I’m sorry to hear about that – so sending you positive good thoughts and wishes that all will resolve itself well and quickly. Take great care Yves.

      2. I think your thoughts worked because my husband was able to fix it after coming home he didn’t have enough time work out on this morning but he was able to get it sorted. It took a few tries and some phone calls but we have electricity
        everywhere now!

      3. Oh hell – electrical problems? They are the absolute worst – often so ill-timed! I’m glad that all was resolved Yves – and that everyone is safe. We so often take for granted how much we rely on basics, like electricity, for the simplest of things, like heating etc., running water, – never mind the toys, like computers and internet access! So celebrate and I hope you will be bothered no more by such things!

      4. We had some electricity my computer and the microwave/fridge thankfully! We did not have lights in several rooms, hot water, laundry machines, dishwasher, or television. Not having a washing machine or hot water when someone is vomiting wasn’t fun and she couldn’t watch television as I let her do if she is sick, I watched a movie with her on my PC. I am glad it is back though and Mr Bear is in the dryer now

      5. Oh dear, and your little one was sick too. Definitely not good timing- I can understand how the idea of catastrophe enters the frame! I hope she feels better soon, and that Mr. Bear will bring her comfort and sweet dreams as she rests.

  5. I often read and am distressed by the news. Some days I just have to ignore it. Could that be the Devil’s active counsel – to sit idle. And yet we need to attend to that which is right in front of us.

    I had a few days off last week because my grands were sick. I got ‘it’ too. A 24 hour nasty and that day was mostly spent sleeping and not eating. You remind me that check ups are important. And yet my trust in doctors has waned. There has to be a middle ground.

    When I was at the Philadelphia train station, on my way home from jury duty… there was police presence and a ‘sniffer’ dog. They found an unattended piece of luggage. Perhaps just forgotten in haste. But I watched it being taken to the main desk….

    So your unattended baggage piece strikes a few cords. Reality can be both usual and unusual – both points of view are valid. And thinking is a part of what makes us whole.

    1. I have trust issues with doctors as well I have had some very bad experiences in the past and it is very difficult to find a doctor who will listen to you and take you concerns seriously.

      I haven’t seen a sniffer dog I supposed I have been in the airport in a while but that would certainly sit with me had I witnessed it. Reality is indeed strange and sometimes that absurdity is brilliant sometimes infuriating sometimes wondrous and sometimes terrifying

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