Kylli Sparre 45

 Kylli Sparre

I remember now

Your dreams,

The lotus smile

That fell in the wake

Of maturation.

Vinegar tastes precisely

As it smells, a corpse

Upon thine lips,

A perversion of preservation

I watched you weeping

In and out of consciousness

And there was no shelter

In your choice of venue

Only mirrors within

Which even one’s name

May be forgotten.


Almost has an intimacy

Few have the delicacy

To apprehend.

I may not have understood

The nature of your affliction

(Gravity being in the heart of the barer)

But I stand now an epitaph,

A reminder to all

That lovers come and go in pairs.


Your death is mourned,

Albeit reluctantly.

Why must I admit now

Your loss when once

I held you so hard

That our auras propagated

An entirely new state of being?

Why must I surrender

At the behest of rain

When I am already drowning?



Random Note

Isadora has chicken box =(


17 thoughts on “Photo Prompt #45 “Drowning”

  1. “Lovers come and go in pairs,” leaves a hollow feeling inside. My favorite part (including the line) is “Why must I admit now, your loss when once I held you so hard that our auras propagated an entirely new state of being?” This was a lovely read (Like always, Sorry, I don’t always know what to say but your poems are all inspiring.)

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