Lavinialeyna Deviant Art 43

lavinialeyna@Deviant Art

There are blue days

That do not lend to sorrow

But pass as ships

From harbor to harbor

Acquiescing to each arrest

With an unsinkable dignity.


In the finest hours

There lurks a heart

That will not be tamed

By lavish words of praise.

In the cruelest moments

There breathes a conscious

That will not be tailored

By external cowardice.


There are days of silence

That do not invoke mourning

And without which all music

Would seem as noise.

Such days though sober

Are not ordinarily grim.

Such days keep one’s memories

From confiscating, too long,

The present which comes

Only once no matter

How vivid its retelling.



16 thoughts on “Serene in Blue – Photo Prompt #43

  1. I love the feel of this one. Also, it’s odd when I read these blogs after I’ve already posted mine and realise there’s a serendipitous thread connecting them. Second one today that evokes the feeling of/mentions silence….(well, in addition to mine) Rad!

  2. Poetic truths. I did not get to this particular prompt…yet.
    But I can empathize with every word you have written.

    (So now I’ve found your place, saved it and will be able to find it again!)

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