Wordle 43 “Remiss”

Wordle 43 Jan. 12

Your lips address my curves

With gratuitous familiarity,

Love has many manifestations

But this is not one of them.

Whatever excuse I apply

To our clarification falters.

We are and there is nothing

To be said for loneliness

That we cannot all attest.


You have an affinity

For parallels

For scarecrows writhing

In an unploughed field

For suffering as only fear

Can render it.

I prefer to be the victim

Unsteady, fragile, remiss.


Excess wears a jagged smile

A heart tart as an unripened currant

I desticate in the abdication of resolve

A padlock holds keyless

Around my offensive core.

I hunger for that which fades

For the death of stars,

For the ghastly lamp

For a pen that doesn’t smear

Whatever fluid chances

Upon its outcroppings of ink.


If not my pretenses

Then of what can I speak?

If only I could ditch you

Face down in our perversity

That I should never revisit

This shame, this prison, this bed

With its guttural, virulent musk.


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