Social Butterfly

There is a park within visual range of our new house and Isadora has been there several times. The first day I went with her but when she saw there was another child she turns to me and says “I got this you can go home now” She made friends with a pair of sisters (not in her class) and has played with the neighbor (a boy in her class). I imagine she has talked to others as well, probably everyone within visual range. She also brought her cousin’s grandmother (not hers and not someone we’ve seen a lot) to our house so we could exchange numbers for when her cousin is in the area. She literally saw this woman on the street and asked her home to facilitate future social engagements.


So how was her first day of school?

She wasn’t nervous at all, she waltzes in confident/happy and is greeted by name by some children the moment she steps foot into the building (first day in a new school, a new resident in town). When I go to pick her up from school she has had a great day. She’s made 2 new friends. The teacher said she was really really good, she settled in right away. The next day Sam goes to pick her up and the teacher is shocked at how fast she has adjusted. She just walked in and she was part of the class. She has never seen a child adapt that quickly.


Today there was a lot of snow so she went to the park. An hour or two passes and Sam goes to check on her. She is surrounded by children (10 or so), all happily building an igloo she has hot chocolate on her face. She had started with her 2 park friends but then drawn in all these children to build this monster igloo. Anyhow Sam leaves her to play. Then around dinner I go to look for her. She is not at the house where Sam last saw her. She left saying she was going home for dinner only she has not come home.  They suggest she might be at another house. I go to that house. The man invites me in right away, I have never seen this man in my life but he and his daughter know who Isadora is and suggest she might be in a different house because they saw her playing with a little boy there. I go to that house and she is there apparently before she could go home she was invited somewhere else. I was scared but everyone was nice, the woman in the first house was actually standing outside waiting to make sure I found her. Everywhere she goes people know who she is. She loves people. I can’t say she is never shy she has had moments (brief moments). Usually though she just goes for it what the hell, if they don’t play with her she just asks someone else. I am happy she is outgoing and confident but it is also scary.  It is like the first time she saw a swimming pool as a toddler and she just jumped in dead center with a huge grin on her face.