Wordle #42

Wordle 42 Jan. 5

Your erection haunts me

Stalks the avenues of my brain

Entirely out of context.

A bar of soap rides my flesh,

A jackal wept of too much blood.

I swirl hostage on the tiles

The arch of my foot

A mussel’s geying smirk.


I will never be a mariposa,

A unison of dubious flair

For I am alone

A pseudo mollusk

A cable that writhes

Of Zeus’s featureless touch.

The gravel in my hand

Is what remains of your teeth

Of you sickly sweet smile.

Never again a paperweight

Never again the proxy.

That I should not be loved

Never escapes recommendation.


Unrelated to the poem

I received my class schedule it is extremely irregular, each day is different and I am not sure how to plan my days. I am entirely overwhelmed there is so much down time on the bus/waiting for the bus and I am not sure how to use it in a really efficient way. I can’t use it for my blog because I have no idea how to use my cellphone yet (I can’t even write a text, it is a rocket ship compared to the previous). I am thinking of studying but I am not sure if I can do written work. The teacher is obnoxious and it is a much larger class then expected. I am stressed!




12 responses to “Wordle #42

  1. 1. This Wordle hurts my brain. It’s amusing and confusing -<3
    2. I would live through a week first and see when and where you are in between classes and when you can be at home, before worrying about when and where to accomplish everything. My first 2 years of university was like that (except I drove so the weather greatly influenced my time management), but I managed by making a list I needed to make time for on a regular basis and things eventually fell into place. =) Just keep trying and don't give up ^_^

  2. Sometimes taking things as you go is the simple way. Plan your day in the morning and use idle time to dream if nothing else can be done. Dreaming is like exercising your brain 🙂

  3. Take a pen and notepad with you. Relax, enjoy the journey. Personally, I often find bus journeys very creative and freeing, because I can tune out and just allow the scenery/snippets of conversation/etc. to free-write. Or, alternatively, print out a current WIP and work on it.

    As for phone and blog. Ask Sam to install WP APP (he’s tech-savvy). You’ll be able to access the reader to comment and like, if nothing else. I still don’t use my phone to post to WP, but it’s handy for reading and replying to comments.

    Whatever happens, take it one day at a time – I know you’ll work it out xoxo

    • Right now I get nauseous on the bus, I don’t usually get car sick but on the bus it is very intense especially if I attempt to read and write so I am mostly daydreaming and practicing relaxation techniques

  4. I think B.G. makes a very good suggestion. It’s what I do anyway, and I find that it often helps to slow my brain down and get me feeling a little less overwhelmed and anxious. Does that always work? No. But most times it does. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Yves. It can be hard to navigate so many new changes all at once, so I can appreciate something of what you’re going through for sure. 🙂

  5. you will figure it out as you go…i feel for you though…i have several different classes i have to prepare each day and it can be overwhelming….you had me intrigued from the first line, the out of context line made me chuckle a bit as well….

  6. Sorry to hear about the obnoxious teacher and the large class … the rest i’m sure you can easily over come … best wishes dear lady!

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