Wordle #42

Wordle 42 Jan. 5

Your erection haunts me

Stalks the avenues of my brain

Entirely out of context.

A bar of soap rides my flesh,

A jackal wept of too much blood.

I swirl hostage on the tiles

The arch of my foot

A mussel’s geying smirk.


I will never be a mariposa,

A unison of dubious flair

For I am alone

A pseudo mollusk

A cable that writhes

Of Zeus’s featureless touch.

The gravel in my hand

Is what remains of your teeth

Of you sickly sweet smile.

Never again a paperweight

Never again the proxy.

That I should not be loved

Never escapes recommendation.


Unrelated to the poem

I received my class schedule it is extremely irregular, each day is different and I am not sure how to plan my days. I am entirely overwhelmed there is so much down time on the bus/waiting for the bus and I am not sure how to use it in a really efficient way. I can’t use it for my blog because I have no idea how to use my cellphone yet (I can’t even write a text, it is a rocket ship compared to the previous). I am thinking of studying but I am not sure if I can do written work. The teacher is obnoxious and it is a much larger class then expected. I am stressed!