I don’t think I have to tell you that this is the kitchen


Sorry for the blurry low quality images I am freezing and sneezing. The paintings are mine btw


This is the front door I have more boots elsewhere. I love boots!


The craft room, the painting which you can’t see well is a recent work



Another angle, that black bag is just Sam’s mobile tool kit. Sam needs 2 monitors to work from home and we just happen to have 2 office chairs but only one desk


Isadora’s blue bathroom it is very dark something is up with my flash


I tried many times hands are just too cold, anyhow this is in my yoga room


You can see winter happening outside


Then some boring weights and stuff haha



Dressing Room there is a large mirror on the wall by the closet but it’s not hung yet


Isadora’s Room part of it anyhow. On the otherside there are toys that would be in her bookcase that are just stacked on the floor because the bookcase is being painted, Sam will also build a nightstand right now she has a beat up Ikea table


The mud room and more boots and that other room you sort of see is the furnace room


Laundry Room which is a mess because we are storing paintings there until we decide where they will hang


Our bedroom which is strait up boring and proof I cannot make a bed strait


More of it that is well empty I am thinking of having a desk/vanity someday


Our bathroom part 1, in the corner our stuff is on the floor because we don’t have any furniture to place it on but in the future


Our shower speaking of which we get about 3 minutes of hot water at the moment



This is the sauna in our bathroom part of it anyhow


Our X-mas tree when we remove that the room will be quite empty on that side and yes I was sweeping haha A lot of homemade ornaments on it though I doubt you can see it well



Our fireplace


Our TV that we never watch


Where I currently am writing to you. That pink box is full of junk food I know terrible but true. I need a trash can beside me for all the tissues haha



43 thoughts on “A Tour (tons of photos)

  1. What a wonderful house, making beds is no big issue I say after all you get in it and everything is all over the place anyway. I am sure you will all be very happy, thanks for sharing.

    1. There is a lot of space and I didn’t show the garage or the storage room, The 70s. We only changed Isadora’s room (she is 7 and quite girly). Everything else is still 70s (maybe even the original) the wallpaper and the bathroom suites and the floors. I believe the kitchen was redone in the 90s or even in the 2000s I can’t recall but it was an old couple living here. In time I imagine we might update the wallpaper and floors, some of the wallpaper is quite faded out in some areas but other than natural sun exposure fading it isn’t torn or anything.

      1. I have posted some painting pictures on Curious Flowers my journal site. I find it hard to take photos of paintings because the colors never look the same in real life and sometimes the details vanish and I am not so camera savvy haha I am also not a very good painter I just enjoy doing it particularly when I can’t put my emotions into words yet. i don’t really paint objects, just auras

  2. Fabulous house, Yves, and so much space. Looks very conducive to creative output. I’m very happy for you. Oh, btw, would love to see the paintings 😊

      1. Fair enough. Happy New Year, if I don’t speak to you before. Wishing you tons of inspiration, opportunities, and successful therapy in 2015. 😘

    1. The changes will be very gradual and possibly not for a while as we save up for the furnace. So it may be years before we get to changing wallpaper and such. I am very excited to see what Sam will make in his new workshop! Thanks so much XD

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! How great to have a craft room and yoga room! My dining room doubles as my craft room, and my bedroom is where I stretch 🙂 I love the photographic wallpaper in Isadora’s room. So happy for you!! ❤

    Oh, I have always preferred not to make my bed–thank you for telling me why 😉

    1. I never have either before this it was a tiny apartment the living room was the craft room, exercise room, and dining room. I just walk around amazed

      I hope you feel better soon as well

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love all the wood — so beautiful. I think the house breathes peace and creativity. May you, Isadora, and Sam find calm, laughter, and comfort in this absolute wonderful space.

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