Arno Rafael Minkkinen 39

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

I swallow each plank

Mouth oblong, exacting

A splinter-filled well.

The distance

Between us is arbitrary,

An illusion generated

By our inability

To dismiss labels.

If truth does not conform

Then what will?

But truth does not

Always favor the majority

Sometimes only one

Rises to the cause.


If a fantasy the moral

Would breathe its very last

In the very first kiss

Living does not imply

Perfection, it is an art

Fueled with whatever madness

Ignites but does not wholly consume

The soul it confesses.


Steady hands struggle

To contain the pulse

And when the water rises

One cannot but scream.

To be human is to hunt

In the wreckage

For a weapon capable

Of defrocking these myriad veils

To be human is to drown

Whether above or below

Whether within or without

Sensation is not optional.





7 thoughts on “Photo Prompt #39 “Scream by the Pier”

    1. I can’t comment to blogspot for some reason so here is my response in the hopes you find it

      Aching and powerful piece Lisa, the repetition is very effective. I can see what you mean in your comment to my poem as well

  1. The truth does not always favor the majority. I love this line. Words like this help me go on, because I am in a very small minority. However, I also realize that when you’re dealing with fools, the mob rules. This is why archaic and often destructive attitudes persist.
    Thanks as always for visiting me at

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