A smile like double-sided tape

She was not someone with whom

You could shed your confidences

Her lips linger too close to the ear

She has a hunger for secrets.


From my breast pocket she lifts

A bloodied wedge and tilts her head

Throat like a threshing machine

The mangled retelling incites mutiny

My boots rap the pavement

But hell will not have me yet.


Her bare anemic eye loiters

In the cleft that housed my ego

I have a knack for pathos

A way of expiring publicly

Throwing up shadows

Like a wax phallus

A way of sculpting tears

Into fetish, of immortalizing

The precise instant

Of my banishment.


No one ever forgets

Their first murder

(I am not the first)

And I will not go

With a hiss

Tragic but flimsy

As a child’s preposterous wish

But with a great cackle

A paroxysm of hexes

Absurd and inexcusable

I can make a cocoon of anything

Even an eyelash should suffice.


19 responses to “Pathos

  1. Clever writing, but boy is this sinister….. And some great lines “her bare anaemic eye loiters in the cleft that housed my ego”

      • I completely agree (to the later part).. this is why it is interesting and inspiring too. I’ve no shame to admit that I’ve learnt so much after I started following you.
        Maybe, now days I’m struggling with composure that makes it tough to comprehend even the less complicated things.

  2. no one ever forgets their first murder….that has some real pop…and made me sit up and take notice…i am always a bit leery of those that want to know your secrets…when they want to know them too much….

  3. The craft of real poetry – right here!
    Can’t give enough applause.
    Gossip is something I’m dealing with right now, and I despise those small minds that gossip so much 😦
    The only way I can deal with it and keep my sanity is to distance myself (which in turn makes those same people refer to me as a ‘bitch’). What do you do, hey?!

  4. Absolutely sinister – as someone mentioned. And there is a wonderful strength in the choices of phrases and characterization, that shines through in the determination to “end” it. Truly empowering. 😀

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