Death Seed

The pain is no less when I smile

Though it is necessary some days

To be “just fine” whatever the case.

I peel your scent from my flesh

No matter how oft I wash the canvas

The blood remains embedded in its fibers

A penitentiary embellished in red

This body with its surplus of DNA

This meager body which serves

A nightlight in the darkest rooms.


Even art hurts when you are the source

A nightmare from which I do not wake

A nightmare the body fuels and circulates

You are the seed of death within me

The call to war that drives me to annihilate

I will not see you again, not even in the finale.

That your ghost should cling to my grief

Is a threat that I can not endure.

8 responses to “Death Seed

  1. The naked truth of this breaks my heart, but, from a poetry perspective, this is such a powerful and raw piece. 😘

  2. several lines in that opening stanza…peeling off the scent…and the stains still being there regardless….sometimes the pain reminds us that we are still alive, as well…

  3. Wow! Truly sensationally powerful and moving. So many emotions are pouring through me as I read and re-read this piece Yves. Such strength in these lines you fashion – definitely a poet of incredible order. Amazing. 😀

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