Heeding Haiku With HA: A Change in Season and Yourself

My listless veins crack

Like a beldams’ looking glass

Malevolent frost,

Depression grapples the panes

Eclipses seasonal cheer


27 responses to “Heeding Haiku With HA: A Change in Season and Yourself

  1. As someone with type 2 bipolar, I struggle with depression more often than not. Hypomania is problematic too. I like it when it leads to productivity, but sometimes it just leads to feeling keyed up and unable to focus. It also always presages a crash, so I’m not too keen on that aspect.
    Thanks for visiting us at peppersfetch.blogspot.com
    Glad you enjoyed my recent contribution!

    • I know what you mean my bursts of productivity are very obsessive, I lie awake planning, plotting, work and work and then crash and become both sick, sad, and filled with self-hate. Not a fun cycle though I haven’t been diagnosed with Bipolar it does run in the family. I very much enjoy your work XD

  2. I can feel and relate to your pain…I like winter for 2 months, then I want to turn the page, please, thank you very much…it is harder now that it affects my body in bad ways. The cold starts in November and ends in april

  3. A shawl of solitude envelops me at this time of the year. I can understand the emotions behind your words. Powerful and emotive writing. A beautiful tanka. 🙂
    And I really like the new background of your blog. The color scheme and the floral prints are wonderful.

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