Week 36

If only the depth of my love were effable.


A chasm etched by a perpetual fall

An orchid sustained on plasma and neglect


I sway in the susurrus of your erect halo

In the helical persuasion of your copper roots

A bijou in the hands of a ruthless merchant.


This is my first attempt at a Cherita (a completely new form to me actually) and I decided to combine it with this week’s Wordle which is just madness but I managed to work all the words in. My story is a little abstract but if you have ever read any of my stories they are abstract. In the simplest terms it is about a woman who is seen as a possession, She knows that she might be traded in and that she is not loved but she’s gotten herself in too deep. This is fictional.


Bj’s Shadorma and Beyond


23 responses to “Bijou

    • I admit I am drawn to obsession as well. I have 2 parts of my brain one that says love should feel like freedom and the other that is far more possessive, it is a strange dynamic

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