I reveal my secrets in jest

A theatrical wink,

A loose eyelash

A smile that does not fit my face

A smile capsized in a sea

Of sucrose and brimstone.

I might never know

This stranger of whom I speak,

This mannequin

Dressed in my valuables

Wielding my name.

I could spend my whole life

Exploring the dermis

Of this pitiful creature

Weaving my maps

Constructing my ruin

Amongst meaningless conquests

But what then

Would become of my heart?

However small,

However black,

However epic its thorns

It has a need,

A very human need

It requires a touch,

A hostage,

A moment

Without the pretense

Of shade.


Challenging day and I ran out of time for my poem


13 responses to “Bang!

  1. It can be so difficult when one is playing, as I often refer to myself, the “court jester” – walls built thick and tall, protect and imprison us, and yet what we truly seek and need – is – unconditional love.

    Very powerful piece. Honest and forthright, although it clearly reveals a very human need and pain.

    Sending you positive thoughts and energies Yves.

    • We have so many roles and characters just being real in the moment is terrifying. Often we pretend everything is alright until we snap. I have always felt that a big source of our trust issues is that fear of being found out because we are not being real with ourselves and our loved ones and if we were more honest trust would be much easier

  2. I think these lines are an entire poem in themselves:
    “A smile capsized in a sea
    Of sucrose and brimstone”
    An astonishing image! 🙂

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