Sanja (Lydia) Kulusic

Sanja (Lydia) Kulusic

Grey feathers

Stumble from my lips



I am awkward as a child

But heavy within

Written for

BJ Shadorma & Beyond


29 responses to “Heavy

  1. I never wanted to be
    a ballerina
    I always wanted to
    play baseball
    but everyone said that
    I had talent
    and that tutu’s
    suited me better
    than a catcher’s mitt
    they were wrong
    I’m not happy
    this is their dream
    not mine
    I never was a swan
    I’ve always been
    a catcher
    I’ve learned
    my lesson well
    never listen to others
    just listen to your heart

  2. But heavy within. With what? 🙂 You left me wondering. I guess that’s the sign of good art, when it doesn’t answer the question it asks, but lets the viewer or listener (in the case of music) come up with their own response. beautiful piece. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  3. So telling of all those who live for another’s dream.
    And yet I know a gal who still takes private ballet lessons without any intention of ever dancing for the public. Still using her aged shoes she dances for her own soul.

    Just lovely.

      • I don’t know a whole bunch of traditional dances. I used to know the Polka, sometimes play with the Twist. Free form is fun and is good exercise too –
        Laughter is a dance and exercise together 🙂

      • I took a bit of ballet and modern in college only a little, I really did enjoy it. I was terrible at ballet modern a little better but I am certainly not a traditional kind of dancer haha

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