There is a method

To every plausible form

Of madness,

A gestation, whereby the heart

Is wrung free

Of all anesthetic

An eruption

Where the darkness escapes

Unculled by the liturgical filter

A renunciation of all known variables.

Emptiness becomes a priority

A means of sobriety.

The exodus, once initiated

May continue for years.


I am drenched in the floods

Of an ejaculating dam.

The words have lept

From my flesh

Like viral impediments

There is only the pain

The tightening of scars

Into a visceral skein

There is no use

In the laying of hands

I have survived,

That is my miracle

To wake each morning

Intact despite infestation.


If I were braver

The demons would blur

Beneath my insistence

But those demons

Are my perceptions

They will go on living

Alongside me

So long as I believe


18 responses to “Method

  1. It is driving me absolutely MAD that WP has been unfollowing blogs for me. I can’t figure out if it is my touch screen on my phone or something else. But in case this happens again, I am not unfollowing you on purpose. I realized you were no longer in my feed and had to come looking for you…

    • WP has changed the toolbar up top I keep signing out of my account, everything is off just a bit. I have had several people today follow my blog and then follow again and again as if it just isn’t sticking. I think it is throwing everyone’s groove off. Then again there could be other issues,

  2. Lest I sound repetitious – but your poetry leaves me breathless – yet so aware and in touch with images brought to life by your pen. This entire piece just sits so well within me. 😀

    • Well I never tire of your comments, I treasure them =) I love working with imagery if you can imagine this my mind is a very verbal place, I even explain images to myself as for some reason my eyes do not communicate well enough

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