Updates on the Move

Dec. 1st we will be able to move into the new house. We won’t officially begin the move until around the holidays when Isadora is out of school but there are preparations to be made. For one we have to pack and no we haven’t started yet. The other big thing is setting up my daughter’s new room in secret while she is at school.


As we are moving to the country during the holidays there is a possibility I won’t have access to the internet at some point. Generally on the holidays I would continue posting and responding more or less normally but I may be less than consistent during the months of December and January.


If my mom should visit during that time then I doubt I will be on much at all.


I will post normally if possible otherwise I will post a poem or update whenever time allows. I may not be able to return all visits. I will return to regular scheduling as soon as possible. Generally moves don’t take long but this is my first house and I am not sure what to expect.


As for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie the prompts will continue to run on schedule through the holidays.

I am sending Georgia 12 weeks worth of posts for my 3 days encase I would be unable to get online during that time. Please keep in mind that it may take me a while to respond to the submissions but I will eventually read them all so keep submitting XD

13 responses to “Updates on the Move

  1. Well definitely great luck to you – and all that you need to get done. Just remember – in all the chaos there will be pleasant laughter and joy. 😀

    And take the time you need – because there is nothing worse than adding more pressure to yourself – you need to take time to get into your new groove and settle down with your family. So good luck and we will be seeing you when we can 😀

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