It’s not enough to die

But it happens often

In the course

Of my courseless day.

A shallow breath

Does not mend the heart

Or summon inspiration.

A shallow breath

Fills the recipient with dread

With great ravenous heaps

Of featureless paranoia.


My guard fastens as a leech

Draining the light

From the blood-stained scythe

Beneath my nose.

I am still a child

Compared to my mother

And such a spoiled one at that.

I keep waiting for a solution

For deliverance from trauma.

Somewhere a serpent

Gains wings and it is my excess

That furnishes them.


If I were that dragon

If I were stone and sinew

Calcium and fire

Keratin and sediment

I might be strong enough

To face the sun

As it falls shrieking

Behind the sea.


But I am not that dragon

I am a chronic extinction

A backwards miracle

A savior who is all intent

But no deliverance.

I let myself down

In every moment

That slips by unseen.


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