Prompt #80 “Unforgiven”

I hollow from within

A child, a wheel, a flame

Fed on the ash of a love

That could never burn.

No one giveth to me

Least of all you

A family that birth

Could not conceive

Breeds in me, an enemy.


If you need an alibi

I will absolve your vice.

A burden, a grave unsung

A dream that cannot

Be forged from blood alone.

I watch you walk away

You will never know

The torment in which

I have grown, a terror

Never know the shadows

Fingering, as a corset

To silence my breath

To silence my truth

Which is contrary

To your entitlement.


This hirsute womb

Is all that I am

Too empty to atone

Too empty to consolidate

The conditionals

Of this reality.

Of each of my lives

You have taken

The better part.

Within each of my 9 hearts

Another tower, another hell

To be undertaken without

The aid of hammer or spade

I bury my roots deep

In the filth of everything

I have let decay

I bury my roots deep

In the filth of my fleshless bones

This nothing that I am

Will never taste the salt of mercy.


I have forgotten how to write, I feel like a newly hatched chick or something


9 responses to “Prompt #80 “Unforgiven”

  1. You haven’t forgotten how to write at all. I’m feeling pretty raw at the moment, so this was a perfect read for me right now. Absolutely brilliant, Yves. 🙂

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