His lips were an estuary over
Which no bridge could bend
His tarnished tongue
A telegraph wire
Citing imperatives.
He was given only
To the immediacy
Of a premeditated departure
His exits marked beforehand
His chest, chamberless.


How I loved
His clenched smile
The imposed silence of poetic eyes
The diminished elasticity
Of my heart
Like dough left too long to rise.
No matter that my overtures
Were extraneous,
Insensible as a conciliation.
Gravity compelled me
To assume his orbit
His stature imposed its own notions
And though I shared none of them
I found myself approximate.


When he leaves I leave as well
Though more permanently
There can be no redundancy
In death, no fanfare
For its own sake
I must go where I will not
Be uncovered
To the most remote tree
To the darkest corner
To the deepest ravine
There I will close my eyes
Knowing that he shall cease
To matter when I am asleep.


It’s my birthday today at least it will be when you see this. There is my birthday, a b-day party for one of Isadora’s friends, and father’s day, all happening this weekend. On my actual birthday Sam will be helping someone move and Isadora will be at another b-day party. I am not sure yet what I will do but it might involve junk food haha. My b-day will be celebrated on father’s day with Sam and my FIL. Speaking of Sam I went all over town trying to find Sam’s gift but no luck, I had to order it online so it will be late =(


I know a depressing poem but I did not have a chance to write so I am sharing one of my surplus poems (I only post once a day even if I write more than one).


24 responses to “Telegraph

  1. Well, Happy Birthday from the South Pacific! Have a wondrous day and delight in where ever and what ever you find.

    When it comes to communication metaphors, I find myself deep inside signals, sign and semaphore, a visual world to listen for at times.

    All the best for the weekend. 🙂

  2. Holy canoly, I sent you an email and I KNOW there was something I was supposed to say and the main reason for writing… and then I sent it without wishing a happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday, I wish you all the best, lots of wishes to come true, and most of all, excellent health for you and your loved ones and endless days of happiness!

  3. Junk food on your birthday is mandatory–no guilt! (The other days–a little guilt 🙂 ) Have a wonderful birthday weekend!! ♥

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And if I’m late, as I often am, Happy UNbirthday!!!

    (this entitles you to another day of junk food)

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