Attendance Mandatory


Love is not a ghost

That comes in the night

Unbidden to each threshold.

It does not assimilate

Within a vacuum

Within a box

On a doorstep by mistake.

If it entered accordingly

Would reason forgive

Its omissions?

The poor etiquette?

The stalker whose fantasy

Manifests only

In motionless portraits?


Love can be spontaneous

But it craves attendance.

A thought unaired

Does not a conversation lend.

Participation should never be


There is something to be said

For a man who extends

His hand, his heart,

The breath of his being

But there must be someone

Sentient to receive it.

An archetype

Is a bleak alternative

To authenticity.


I am not much of a photographer, I have very unsteady hands but I want to start using more of my own work. If you have art or photographs that you would like for me to feature with a poem please feel free to email me or comment. I will link your site.

18 responses to “Attendance Mandatory

  1. Great image Yves – and yeah, I AM partial to poppies – so hey, stop making excuses – not every image that even the best of the best take – is a complete “winner” — and it seems to me this one – well it’s really awesome. I – yes, she who is determining what’s what today – at least in my sphere 😉 |LOL| says – amazing!

    Love the – er – piece – considering the depth and scope of the words as they speak of love – and how it is offered and received. Some very powerful and profound metaphors and images here – but you are so gifted and creating the word-patterns-phrases that resonate so strongly. 🙂

    What an ending: “An archetype / Is a bleak alternative / To authenticity. ”


      • I’ve done that too – camera – film (way back in the day) wrong film speed dialed in – but had the film processed anyhow – and yeah, I got some of my most amazing images out of it.

        If you really have problems keeping steady, then use tricks like holding the camera as close to your body as possible, if it doesn’t affect your point of view – and then, hold your breath when you hit the button to take the picture. And then, depending on the type of camera you’re using – you can always get a light but sturdy tri-pod – that works wonders. But, it does lack spontaneity though. As usual, always a case of checks and balances. But don’t let your “misfortunes” keep you from just enjoying the process – that’s what counts the most.

      • I have to admit I rarely take photos, I did a series which is where these recent ones come from but I haven’t taken many photos since childhood (and even then only on school trips of which I had like 2). I was never in front of or behind the camera but I do love black and whites. For someone of my age I am extremely new to this photography thing haha

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