Wordle #32 “3rd Times A Charm”

Week 32

I discovered men through invention

The prince, the traveler, the  taciturn.

There was never a cause to meet them

For as long as they remained intangible

There was no possibility of expulsion.


A dream has resources

That a heart must never employ.

A dream can be altered without

Permission or put-down.

A dream requires only one author

Suggests a tyrant, a naked gallop

Through algal fields.

It doesn’t need to be furnished

It can survive on leanings

On the ooze of an ailing mind

Through the brine and the pitch

Of an ubiquitous heart.


The first time I asked for love

I was summarily denied,

Heredity does not ensure allegiance.

The second time I asked for love

I was made aware of my condition

Tolerance was my only pittance.

I had learned the cost of hope

But was unwilling to part with it.


The third time I asked for love,

I witnessed a coruscation,

A fevered neural collapse,

A miracle steeped in heathen blood,

A man who surpasses fiction.

I will never again pose questions

That demand verification of worth

If not as seen, then what promise

Can one legitimately offer?


I have been suffering an emotional block for several days now (a byproduct of therapy and Depression which has been intense lately the Depression) I have managed to write but this poem gave me a very hard time. Despite being unsatisfied I can’t seem to drop these piece and let it rest. It has blocked me from writing other poems, it is like having a song stuck in your head. Oh it is driving me bloody crazy.


26 responses to “Wordle #32 “3rd Times A Charm”

  1. I actually thought it was very good Yves. I can understand why it troubled you as it touches on some painful times I am sure in your life. But I applaud your bravery in dealing with past issues as you have in this poem. Well done.

  2. I thought your poem was good, and can see that it must have been tough to write, and I thought the Wordle was great. Hope things get easier soon.

  3. I can definitely relate to the hardships of writing when depression hits and a thought gets stuck not only on your mind but in your heart. These are soulful words that burned into this readers heart.

  4. Yes, depression has been a major block for me these past two months, so I can empathise with what you’re going through, Yves. I hope you manage to navigate your way through it to some kind of space where you can write to your heart’s content again. Us creatives rarely have an easy time of it, I’m afraid. 😦

  5. There’s nothing wrong with the thinking here, as far as i can see there’s a great deal right with it and there’s certainly a great deal right with the delivery. This is very fine.
    Stay strong and well
    My best to you

  6. ” I will never again pose questions / That demand verification of worth / If not as seen, then what promise / Can one legitimately offer? ”

    Absolutely brilliant and haunting. Hard lesson to learn in life, or creative writing.

    I’m so sorry you are struggling through your “darkness” – but there is always light – and perhaps your “block” with this bloody madness of a piece – even if you feel dissatisfied with it – will be cathartic, in ways.

    Often if we just let it go – and let it form and re-form and re-create itself as will – then it may just offer the insights and little bits we need to better understand, cope, deal and heal.

    Thoughts to you Yves. ❤
    And hugs, if I "may"

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