Jeffrey Mchael

Jeffrey Michael

I understand that not everyone who reads this blog will purchase the books I publish. Not purchasing my book in no way diminishes my affection for you and it will not result in discontinued patronage to your blog. I don’t even require an explanation as to why. Obviously I am over the moon when people buy my book but that’s another story entirely. Even if we are close, even if I’ve bought your books, it’s not expected so please don’t stop talking to me to avoid a confrontation. There isn’t going to be a confrontation and there is absolutely no reason to apologize. Your friendship matters to me more than anything else.

If I submit to your magazine and you don’t want to publish that piece for whatever reason, don’t, no hard feelings. While I do appreciate feedback and obviously a yes/no answer so I know what’s what, an explanation is not required it’s your vision by all means be true to it. Even if you have asked me to submit to the magazine personally, even if you’ve begged me you are not obligated to publish anything, hell you don’t even have to read my entries (though that would be a little strange if you asked me to submit lol). Will I be pissed? No, not even a little. Honesty is my preference but I do understand how scary it can be to navigate other people’s feelings and sometimes we avoid others for fear of awkwardness or retaliation but it’s not necessary it hurts my feelings a lot more when you avoid me.

What if you write an unflattering review? Or give an unflattering critique to one of my poems? Should you duck and cover then? No that won’t be necessary you are entitled to your feelings and opinions but I do ask that you be respectful when leaving comments. ย I am only human so I do get my feelings hurt from time to time. I do realize that no matter how much you enjoy my work there will come a time when I write something that leaves one or both of us feeling more than a little disappointed. I hope that when that day comes you won’t give up on me entirely. I try to post every single day, I am not a miracle worker, some days just suck and some days I suck. Some day I imagine I will post something out of character because as a writer I am continuously experimenting, pushing boundaries, and challenging myself. Sometimes I write from the perspective of characters, sometimes even villains so if ever you are confused about my personal views after reading something you’ve found unsettling just ask me and I will sort the fact from the fiction. Obviously I prefer constructive criticism, it’s not okay to be mean. ย I love my blog and I want it to be a safe place for everyone who visits.

If I leave a comment on your blog that you are confused about please ask I have dyslexia and social phobia so I find the comment section terrifying (probably why I don’t leave more of them)! I do not leave negative comments, I try to always keep things positive and encouraging. I sometimes overshare and I do apologize for that!

While I doubt I am exactly the same online as I am offline given the aforementioned social phobia I still don’t think it is okay to be a bully. I do my best to be kind and respectful and I hope that you have always found me to be so.

Do you accept awards?

I accept and cherish the sentiment behind awards. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me whenever someone shares something I’ve written or promotes my blog/book but I don’t post awards on my blog anymore. I do periodically post links to others blogs though and I do have a BlogRoll which is subject to frequent growth spurts.

Do you do interviews?

Sometimes but I am really shy and I find it difficult to talk about myself in that way. I reveal myself through poetry. I had a really hard time writing my bio section!

Can I reblog your posts?

Of course you can!

Can I quote you?

Ask me about the specific line you’d like to quote. Chances are I will say yes with credit. Please send me a link so I can visit the entry as well =) As for the photos I have taken there are scant few of them (most of the images on my blog come from Google note the credits, use at your own discretion) but you are welcome to use any that I have personally taken. Always ask first though =)

Can I post poems in the comments?

Yes of course XD

Can I email you?

Yes you can so long as it isn’t with spam haha

Do you do collaborations?

I have done some collaborative story-writing but I don’t have much experience with collaborative poetry.

What should I call you?

My nom de plume is Yves K. Morrow. If you’ve emailed me in the past then you know my real name but please refer to me as Yves in the blogopsphere =)


16 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Many times I thought to post something similar to this on my blog too.. and then I probably fall short on how to say it without offending anyone, sometimes thinking it should a default mature understanding, and sometimes because I don’t want to post anything except creative writing.
    Anyways, the point is: I can totally relate to what you’ve mentioned, Yves. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I wondered if I should post it is as well, wording is tricky with these sorts of posts and I spent quite a long time composing it. I am hoping that it will allay some anxieties. Thank you so much for your feedback, obviously I did worry that this wouldn’t make sense or that it might be unintentionally offensive.

  2. well, there are the ground rules…
    i always appreciate you dropping by…and i thoroighly
    enjoy your writings as well…you capture things very creatively
    and you are talented…never doubt that….

  3. I didn’t know that we could email you. Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and I have to say this one thing: “EVERYONE BUY YVES’S BOOK NOW!” Seriously, my wife and I have been enjoying it so much. We’re not even finished it yet. You see, we read one poem every week, and discuss it throughout that week. I think it’s the best way to appreciate your work. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. You can of course I am actually surprised that people do lol Awww that is so sweet Tony thank you! I am so glad you are enjoying the book I am working on a second, I know I have the poems I am just not so good with the putting it all together/editing and that sort of thing and with the move coming I might not have time this year but hopefully next year I will have a new one out =)

  4. I understand and appreciate your reasoning in this post. Navigating others’ feelings and perceptions without a face to feed reactions from is a tricky business. Like Neeraj, I think the default position should be that no offence is intended nor taken if mature and caring thought is behind the interactions.
    I never look for offence and hope that people do not take offence at any of my posts or comments. But, in the end, we cannot change others’ perceptions, only our own.
    You navigated this very well, Yves, and put your perspective out there in an open and frank manner none of which could cause any possible offence. The rest is up to everyone else.x

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and kindness. I have been very lucky actually when I first started my blog I didn’t receive much feedback and over all my reception was pretty lukewarm, it took a while to get started and a while for me to open up reach and out and really participate in the community here but now that I have I can say WordPress is full of amazing and talented people!

  5. I think this was a very thoughtful and well written post Yves. It shows wisdom, insight and maturity.

    Basics are basics: read and comment – if one chooses – respectfully. Honesty is preferred to sugary empty flattery. Not everything written on a creative writing blog is fact-based. When in doubt – ask! Kindness costs nothing. Expectations have no place in this realm (well – they shouldn’t) – this is about free-exchange.

    So, well done Yves – and I’m really glad that I found MLM as well as your personal space. I find it fascinating and a wonderful place to discover and think and be challenged – and as a writer – that is the point, yes?

    1. I love that “free-exchange” when I first started my blog I was quite discouraged not just by the crickets (I expected that) but by the very meh kind of comments. Comments that indicated my work was mediocre. When you write you want to evoke emotion, to make people think, and it is better to receive a passionate response good or bad with constructive/thoughtful feedback then to hear something is okay (with the dreaded ellipses). I realize looking back in the archives a lot of what I wrote was just okay, Writing for myself has made it a lot easier for me to deal with criticism. I am so glad you found me as well because that lead me to you! You always leave the most amazing feedback!

      1. Well, to be sure Yves – not everything we create is as “brilliant” as we’d like – but honest responses are what’s key. And yes, with each shared piece of writing – we change, grow and develop “our voices” – which evolve over time.

        It’s never easy to accept a “bland” response – but the idea is not to take it personally. I try not to. And since you have an archive of work – you at least have the advantage of tracing your history – which – even though we sometimes may cringe or realize in the here and now, that something just didn’t work out quite right – it has brought us to now. It’s all a process – and that is the beauty of it. And – of course, being able to “put oneself out there” – and share – for all to see.

        Of course, it does help in understanding that not everyone is able to connect – but the key – as you’ve said – “write for yourself” —– and that to me, at least in my blogging/journey – has made a world of difference. Forget stats – and create for you – and “they will come.”

        I think the people who return and take time to journey with you are the ones who were meant to show up – for whatever reasons – and there the exchange begins – in the search and share mode; this is the inherent beauty of it all.

      2. For most of my life as writer I wrote when inspiration struck and sometimes not even then if I was in the middle of an emotional crises (I tend to bottle up withdraw) but at some point, a year ago, perhaps 2 I decided to write everyday and it has changed my life. My writing has grown more in the last ~2 years or so then in all those previous years combined. I am writing through all sorts of challenges emotional, physical, intellectual and loving it.

        Writing everyday like this has helped me in other ways as well. For example writer’s block I now understand to be just a process of growth, there is never a lack of inspiration, inspiration is everywhere. I am better with criticism, I write for myself, I enjoy writing and I also enjoy inspiring others.

        While I do admit I still look at my stats from time to time it doesn’t really get to me. If I feel satisfied with what I’ve written even if it isn’t “popular” it doesn’t diminish the experience for me. At one point criticisms could derail me for days and there is one example where it stopped me for years but not anymore.

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