I rewrote this poem yesterday, hopefully someday I’ll get all my poems edited but there are a lot of them!


Reclining on Half Face
ENZZOK@Deviant Art

I remember the embarkment

The installation of your soul

Into the fissures within my skull

The way that lights exists

In some form at every hour

Irrespective of grievance.

Those hours for which invincibility

Is not wrought with rationale

And there is nothing so certain

As youth for in its midst

We are all given to exclusion

So little perforates

My melancholic deference

I exist in two planes

Neither of which ignites

Beneath the synaptic palate.

Being near you induces vertigo

The world folds, a paper fortune teller

Each corner pertinent

In its impertinent stance

And you the Helios

Of my myopic recursions

I don’t know why we never

Undressed each other.

The way you focused your eyes

To include even my shadow

I felt that beyond every gesture

Was the stimulus to love

Some understanding that in itself

Was a language so radical

That words would have silenced…

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6 responses to “Curvature

  1. the curvature on which all my hope is suspended…great closure on this one…the scream/hello at the end is really cool…the being prone to exclusion part as well…some really cool elements to this one…

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