The Devil In Me

Half and Half

I linger in the archipelago

Of your half-eroded smile

Too close to coexist

Bits of me are confiscated

By the magnetic field within you

And I am not myself

Answering your impositions

As if they were

The pages of my very own diary


I took this bizarre image of myself and there is something spookily empty about the face and it gave me the idea for this poem. That weird mass on my head is hair. I have tinnitus, crazy alarm going off loud tinnitus so I really couldn’t write anything satisfactory I am lucky I managed anything given that I want to remove my own head at the moment.



19 responses to “The Devil In Me

  1. So sorry about the tinnitus – I had that for a long time after chemo and it was miserable. It’s been coming and going since them (9 years).

    Very powerful poem — as if you’re being dissolved by a red giant star.

    Stay tough —

  2. This is great and definitely has my mind working. The words and image certainly combine in odd and dark fashion – but this makes it all the more provocative.

    I do hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than ear problems to annoy and aggravate beyond reason and sanity.

  3. Tinnitus fueled poetry. I think this just works beautifully, Yves. It smacks to me of a relationship only half wanted. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I see. 😛

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