For the Moment

Week 28

She waits in the vortex

Manatee or mermaid

I know not which

But a blast of expectant

Smiles and tears

Escapes the chromium skein

Of my vigilant sneer

Whenever she pirouettes

Into my karmic vicinity


The transmission of Vaseline

Between our illicit flesh

Is a welcome reception

An invasive hello

Culled from a plethora

Of star-crossed echoes


A pivotal excursion

A conveyor of bedlam

Locks of cinnamon hair

And eyes the color

Of bleeding aster

I could have loved her once

I might love her still

Her dichotomy divides me

As a wager and I might

Lose everything

For a moment spent 


I had fun with this one and I needed it because I got in my head yesterday and was feeling pretty uneasy and unconfident when I started. This is fictional and I wrote as a male. 


20 responses to “For the Moment

  1. ha. an invasive hello…i read a few quips in there…and wonder if it is about what i think it is about…the division as a wager there in the end…and the whole questioning of love…seems we should be asking that of ourselves before the exchange of body fluids..

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