Fantasy Couple

My nerves will never subside

The thought of you scatters

The debris wild within me

We will never be domestic

Even when the day rests

My heart still partitions

A little more space

For the man who has

Answered everything

Even the existential why


These bonds are not tethers

But feathers filled with sky

Even if imperfect, the hunger

Within me feds the appetite

Within you and we are

A plague of butterflies

A delirium of violets

The necessity of dust

We fight for every breath

Knowing that forever

Is not a question of when

But a promise to reside


If I am not around today it’s because Sam is working on my laptop. For some reason I am having a hard time getting it to connect to the power source.

This is for Tale Weaver’s Prompt I am not good with the mushy stuff hides face


15 thoughts on “Delirium of Violets

  1. Okay – so this wouldn’t appear on a Hallmark Card 😉

    So what?! I’d much rather read this – and feel the depth of words so evocative and phrases exquisite in form that I feel a longing for this “Truth”. Absolute stunner this.

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