Prompt #71 “Why me?”

Alicia Martin LopezAlicia Martin Lopez

To what purpose this war?

Does it elevate your subliminal constructs?

Have I not knelt as the occasion insists?

Proving myself a man

Of humility and forgiveness

(or perhaps a boy for a man

would have stood)


Have I demanded recompense

For deeds concluded

Giving only with the hope

Of sparing future service?

Do these treads excuse me

Or should I have announced

My presence to prevent

Your breach of passage?


Do I fold in the dark, as a jest,

Crueler with each mention?

Am I the alien in profundity burst?

Or do I cower at the mere prospect

Of my invention?

As an actor who speaks his lines

Proudly but only when reversed


Do I survive at your expense

Or yield to my own detriment?

How well I know you,

My enemy, as if we shared

The same bed of flesh

And indeed we do for are you not

Always present in my distress?


I see in you the dissolution

Of every pleasure ever tested

Nakedness without

The requisite finesse

It’s the vulnerability that I resent

For it’s not reciprocated

And I can find no opening

In you of equivalent margin

So I ask again why me?


A very quick poem from me as I have been out all day and suspect I am asleep typing this lol I wrote about the creature in the image.



11 responses to “Prompt #71 “Why me?”

  1. wow…some deep thoughts in this one…
    great exploration of why the war….and do we really know our enemy or only what we have been told to believe of them…war is such a destructive force…and yet we play at it…

  2. There are so many images and ideas floating through my mind – needing time to digest the power of the words you have chosen and crafted – in sequences firm and yet lacy.

    Very interesting thoughts 🙂

      • Thank you – I’ve never had any one say this in this way to me before. It’s lovely and complimentary.

        I try to offer back something that moves me – and why. Sometimes it’s not easy – simply because one needs to sit with images and ideas for a time, before one finds the words. Sometimes, words are impossible though – a bit like listening to such a moving or evocative musical piece and knowing one could never find the true sentiments in verbal expression. And so, I just aim for sincerity. 🙂

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