A Look Inside

Yellow House

The contract has been signed! Sam will schedule an appointment tomorrow with the bank. They have already given us a loan promise so lets hope all goes well! The move in date right now is December 1st and if that doesn’t change we won’t move until Isadora finishes up the semester because it doesn’t make sense to switch schools end of term like that.

Now for the tour! Obviously the furniture/decor is not ours. We have very little furniture and almost no knickknacks. Sam is more than just a little handy though, he can make furniture and plans too as finances allow (the sellers offered their lumber for free it isn’t much but hey). Provided all goes well I may take pictures when we are moved in though the house won’t be finished all at once, so pictures may filter in over a number of years haha

Allrum 1 Allrum 2

These first 2 images are of the downstairs living room.


Another Hallway
Another HallwayEntry
This is the main entry. We have a ton of shoes let me tell you so Sam will need to build something ASAP

Not such a good shot of the main downstairs bedroom it got cut off anyhoo this will probably be Isadora’s room. The downstair’s bedrooms are small

Sam and I don’t really do anything in our bedroom except sleep and mate so we will probably take this small one

This bedroom is small with multiple closets so I want to put all the dressers here and make it a walk-in

BathroomDown BathroomDown 2
This is the smurf bathroom I mentioned before haha

Laundry Room
This laundry room is positively glorious! I imagine they will take one of the washers with them. They have already taken the nice dryer featured here and replaced it with a gigantic toaster. We will have to buy a dryer
The kitchen has a lot of cabinets, lots of space and a very large fridge/freezer. If you noticed in the laundry there were 2 freezers I have no idea if they are staying or going

Upstairs Bathroom 2 Upstairs Bathroom
This is the bathroom that might have to be redone premove, yes it really is yellow just as the other one really is blue. What you might not know is that this bathroom has a sauna a very nice one in mint condition.

Upstairs Bedroom
This is the upstairs bedroom which is quite large and might be used for a hobbie room or maybe an exercise room it has a balcony as well
Upstairs Living Room 1

Upstairs Living Room 2

Upstairs Living Room 3
The upstairs living room is gorgeous! And no we don’t have furnishings for a second living room so maybe this is the hobby room? Now idea yet. Well there you have it the grand tour!

58 responses to “A Look Inside

  1. Looks amazing. hmm BRIGHT blue and BRIGHT canary yellow – can’t miss them can we really 🙂 The laundry? Why so many units? It looks like commercial laundry! Nice size – I like storage and size – my must haves in houses (sadly not so many here in Mr. S’s house) Love the upstairs bedroom – you would’t use it for yours? Love the wood and CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂 xx

    • I know right lol The bathrooms will have to be redone if for no other reason than their age but there a lot of people who want the blue bathroom suite, the blue seems to be popular right now, the yellow not so much I have no idea Jenny I was surprised by that too. It takes a very long time to wash clothes in Sweden the machine I am using is a quick 1 hour and 20 minutes most here are 2 and 1/2 hours maybe that’s why because it really takes all day to do laundry. It takes my mom in the states only 20 minutes to wash clothes it is a huge difference. I believe we will have more than enough storage but ask me that 20 years from now lol Thanks!

  2. Congratulations! your house looks lovely
    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de BONHEUR dans votre nouvelle maison 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll write amazing poems there 🙂

  3. Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful, inviting house that has loads of potential for you, Sam and Isadora to grow into. I’m so very happy for you. Hugs, and enjoy xox

    • I am excited I can’t wait to see the furniture Sam makes and eventually we will change the old wallpapers and probably redo some of the flooring. We have been looking and dreaming lol First though we have to save up for a new furnace

  4. I like that, we only use it for sleeping and mating. 😉 You could always have a massage table in the spare lounge for a change of scenery. It’s a beautiful house Yves, you’ve done well.

  5. I want to move in! I love all the blonde wood. And the laundry room would be heaven for me and my multitude. It looks as if you could move straight in. Congratulations on such a fabulous find. I hope you’ll all be very happy there. 🙂

  6. Wow, what a beautiful house! I love how bright and warm it looks. And the woodwork is gorgeous! I really like that stairwell and upper room and living area. Congratulations!

  7. I like the house a lot! All the wood is great, and the bath fixtures are one of a kind! I’ve never seen anything like them. Great shapes and colors. Except for any leaks, the baths should be good to go for awhile. My house was built in the 20s, and the bath redone in the late 50s or 60s. My neighbors’ house was built a few years earlier than mine, and they still have their original bathroom. I think owning a house is so much fun–congratulations!

  8. I am SO EXCITED for you!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! ALL OF IT!! In fact, believe it or not I love the bathrooms (both of them) and their colorful sinks and commodes! I am just sooo excited for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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