Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”

Sleeping with Skulls 24

Lauren Treece

Within me you falter, a silent vertex

In a room no longer fit for domestication

And I wait savage in my absention

Wondering if sleep will clarify

Any of my misgivings about life


I ran out of time completely. Today was busy and did not go at all to plan! Very hectic/stressful. Tomorrow at 6 pm Sam and I go to sign the contract for the house!!! I am in shock really there is not other word for it.


14 responses to “Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”

  1. Yves, you always manage to write something thought provoking, no matter what is happening in your life. You don’t know how inspiring that is! (Good luck with the contract signing.)

  2. Short on time short on sleep – all the change ensuing and yet, you offer words in verse that have meaning that leaves one feeling infused with emotions.

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