Angel Downfall

Lustinian Ghita


When hair falls it’s soundless

And in this case the source is

Unwarranted and in this case

The source is inhumane


The sound of your fists

Like the slamming of a door

Never intended for passage

I must have loved myself

Less than the vacancy it takes

To knowingly let the devil in


Your lips move as paper

As the migration of origami cranes

Through a cyclone and

Everything you say echos

Like the execution

Of an infinite detour


If there were a vaccination

To preclude my existence

Would I consciously deliver it?

When magnified even saints

Look distorted and from that vantage point

Who can rightly say what I am?


In your sobbing breath

A whole choir of angels

Summons the guiltless dead

I have never been enough

Though to look at you

Looking so intently at me

Suggests that I could be


Since I did the 20 minute challenge the other day I just did a 10 minute challenge (everyone was at home trying to get my attention so it didn’t go so well haha)


21 thoughts on “Prompt #70 “Speed Challenge”

    1. It was easier the first time because I was alone but the second time I had my daughter and hubbie next to me vying for my attention and it was significantly harder to concentrate

  1. dam….loving myself less than letting the evil end…the end of that first one….spot on as far as truth goes….happens to many…and the belief to have never been enough….

  2. Well, enough – just fine. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. 😉
    Your verse about angels close up reminds me of the story of the four blind men trying to describe an elephant. Each one only feeling an ear, trunk, leg and tail… not the whole picture at all.

    September will be fun with a whole month of prompts from Quickly that I’ll post on my long verse site. If I can keep up! 🙂

  3. This was such a wonderful series of poems — each so powerful and evocative in words, calling images to my mind that resonate in my spirit. I couldn’t possibly choose one over another, as each echoes from the previous – and yet, there is undeniable strength within each, in its own way. Simply amazing what some of you poets can create in such short time spans. 🙂

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