Nature’s Geisha@Deviant Art

I don’t know

The precise moment

When my wings

Were canceled

In the aura

Of a molten stalk

Like the elevated eye

Of a motionless crustacean

I remember only

The meticulous fragmentation

Of my scaffolding,

In other words

The heartless severance

Of my burgeoning faith.

My legs are useless

When unbuoyed by the salt

Of my transgressions

If only I were newly born

But the fetid womb still grips

Like a parcel of anthracite

Around my naked lenses


12 thoughts on “Candle

  1. I loved the cadence and imagery in the first half of this leading down to the ‘molten stalk,’ little scared by the ‘fetid womb’ though, It brings to mind clinging and unholy origins of partially human creatures out of a David Lynch film 🙂

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