Yellow House

Actual House (I will show you the inside if we get it)

On Monday Sam and I preformed the house inspection. We’ve been informed of a situation with the upstairs bathroom. As I’ve mentioned to some of you the current owners are older and the man has had a stroke. Since the stroke they haven’t been using the upstairs much and have been using the downstairs bathroom exclusively. Well one day their daughter felt a drop of water fall from the ceiling. When we investigated we saw a water line on the wallpaper (there were no other signs of water damage anywhere). So the family has called an inspector from their insurance company to check out the bathroom. The preliminary inspection didn’t find anything but they have offered to have a more thorough inspection done encase (if there would be a problem their insurance will cover the repairs). We decided to go ahead and take them up on that just encase there would be anything serious (Sam brought a high quality moisture meter but there wasn’t any problem detected).

If we don’t have the inspector come then if anything should happen after we’ve bought the house insurance wouldn’t pay because we would have been informed of the potential problem. Obviously we don’t want that to happen! The house is from 1978 and the bathroom has never been redone (it is clearly from the 70s but looks fine). We will have to redo the bathroom at some point in the next few years in any case but we just don’t want a potential problem to spiral out of control. We also need to buy a dryer the dryer they have might be the first one ever made and strongly resembles a giant toaster oven lol The other appliances are normal/modern. I don’t think we will worry so much about the wallpaper in the beginning, it really doesn’t bother me and I rather like the crazy red paper in the closet.

The other big expense with this house is the furnace. It has a functional properly maintained oil furnace but we don’t want to burn fossil fuels. The family is using mostly electric heating even though the furnace works but electric heating is expensive. We want to upgrade to an ultra energy efficient, environmentally friendly system. The system we really want is 96,000 kronor yikes! It saves 90% but it will take time to save up for something like that. We will also update the electric box at some point (it is grounded and there isn’t anything wrong with it).

Anyhoo the house looked good and we love it! No contracts have been signed yet because we have to wait for the inspection results on the bathroom. We want to buy the house even if there is a problem with the bathroom because we knew with a house that age we’d need to redo them anyways. The house I am in now is 100 years or so (it had dirt sellers and no electric). At least this one isn’t so old that we have to redo the whole electrical system (a lot of houses here are very old). The kitchen has been redone in the last few years so that is a bonus and it has lots of cabinets. Everyone wants the blue bathroom suite in the downstairs when (provided we get the house) we redo that one but you know I like the blue.

Sam and I have been joking that if we get this house we will have empty rooms (we are going from like 50 Square Meters to 165 Square Meters) and cabinets and when we have a house warming it will be with the caveat โ€œBring your own chairsโ€ For some reason we never have chairs (I plan to hit the second hand shops for some cool old chairs).


21 thoughts on “House Inspection

  1. nice…what a cute place…i hope it all works out with the inspection….you may want to get a estimate on the repairs and even consider seeing if they would pay half on them…esp if they are wanting to move the house…..

      1. We don’t own a house, but we have rented them. There is that special something that you feel when you find the right space!

  2. Glad things are going well, and good for you that you don’t want to burn oil ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Mother Earth will understand if it takes you a little while to save for the good replacement ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got a nice efficient A/C system recently and also got some work done on all the vents to make them more efficient, electronic thermostat, etc., and it runs on 100% wind electricity. I was very excited & it felt like heaven after getting by with just a window unit for a bit (it is hot here!).

    The house owners sound like nice people. Looking forward to more news ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. If that’s all that’s wrong with a 36 year old house then it’s not bad at all. Hope all goes well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am relieved as well Laurie many of the houses we’ve seen (in our price range and being the age so many of the houses here are) we’ve been extremely fortunate to find this one. I really hope we get it.

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