Wordle 23

If I were a kite
I’d be a skein
Of flimsy turquoise threads
An elongated waif
With percussive zeros
Stitched into the surface
Like an anodyne’s red print

I’d sail as a spade
Pummeling the intractable wind
As if it were a bastion
Of multifarious veneers
I’d skirt the powder
Of interstellar debris
As it wafts pre-personification

If I were a kite
I’d fashion bassinets
Of untenanted clouds
That I might remain amongst
My native contradictions
Like a funeral shroud
Or a trans-migratory relic


6 thoughts on “Wordle #23 Kite

  1. I just love the lexical richness in this beautiful (as always) poem! and the picture (you know that I’m in love with words…) have a nice week, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. If I were a kite, what a thought Yves, hopefully I’d get off the ground. Great use of the words today. It was a challenge to work them all in today, great choices.

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