My intangibility

Was never intended

As an imposition

A whisper,

Like the inflation

Of ghostly wings

I wished to be

As deft as light

Face down in cumulus


An anodyne of sorts


When love arrives

It comes as a sunrise

And I, a sleeping witness,

Who never understood

My place in life’s turnings

Have become as salt

Ejaculating in drought


A fist doesn’t furnish

A capacity equivalent

To the human heart

And if not for this haze

I might have a smile

Worth remembering


6 responses to “PROMPT #68 “A SMILE TO REMEMBER”

  1. ha. nice use of ejaculate…it made me stop and re-read…the last stanza really brings this home nicely and could probably stand alone…the fist and heart comparison is tight…and full of secondary meaning.

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