House Updates


A quick update to let you know about the housing situation. Our bid has been accepted! They cancelled additional viewings when we made the offer which allowed us to bypass the competition stage. The house is not ours yet. We will do a second viewing and inspect the house more carefully. I do not think we will hire a professional inspector (it costs 10,000 kr). After the inspection we will decide if we want to go through with the sale. I believe we will go through with it because the house is amazing and we love it XD. At any point before the contract is signed the homeowners can change their minds. So they can say that they want to do more viewings, they don’t want to sell etc.. This is a nerve-wracking stage we are closer but we don’t have any guarantees. I believe the inspection will take place soon Sam will probably schedule a time tomorrow. The current owners do not have an apartment yet so if we get the house I’ve no idea when the move will take place. The above is not a picture of the house. I will only post photos of the house when/if the sale is completed.

39 responses to “House Updates

  1. Don’t worry, if you love this house and feel it must be “there” it will be there ๐Ÿ™‚ je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur dans votre nouvelle maison ๐Ÿ™‚ (and I am sure it will be a quite inspiring place!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Moving is such a pain. I moved so much when I was growing up. This last home is my 4th with my hubby. We’ve been here almost as long as all the years I’ve moved.

    Every place has a different way of buying and selling homes. Even state to state. For a bit we even owned two homes. It can be very rattling when you want to move and can’t set the date for the movers because you don’t get the key until you sign.

    If I were closer I could probably be of help in the packing department. For us anyway liquor store boxes were always good because they were small and sturdy and you can’t overload them. New face for your blog?

    I’ll have to search out the wordle…and other prompts. Good luck with your new home.
    Takes about six months (after you’ve moved in) before you really feel settled – so I read somewhere.

    • This will be our first house =) I have lived since birth in a motel, in a run down apartment with no furniture, in a duplex in the projects, moved to another city and then lived in a log cabin, in a house that my stepfather built (which I will refer to as my natal home), moved to another city and lived in a dorm, moved to another country (Sweden) lived in my in-laws townhouse, moved back to my natal home in the states, moved to another city (the same one where I started school in the dorm), in a trailer park, moved to another city got an apartment, moved back to my in-laws townhouse in Sweden, in an apartment, in another apartment, into the apartment underneath where my in-laws live and if all goes well into a house that my husband and I own. I hope to stay in the house forever. I have been organizing my apartment for the last several months as we have very limited space so we have a lot of plastic storage boxes and everything is pretty well-organized. We don’t have enough furnishings for a house so I suspect it will look a bit empty. I am worried about the basement because we have stuff stored there that I can’t access and haven’t sorted through. My husband wood works in that room so I know every box will be filled with saw-dust. I know there will be clothes and toys Isadora has outgrown and I would like to organize that before we move and dispose of what isn’t needed but I am not if that will happen. That is hubbie’s domain

      • I do hope all goes smoothly for you.
        I am still trying to get my sons to get their belongings out of our house. Though it will always be their home.

        I also ended up being a storage point for my MIL’s things when she passed. I didn’t get as much sorting as I wanted over the summer.

        Every little bit helps though.

      • It has helped so much my apartment is tiny and the organization has given us more productive space and it is a lot easier to clean. I plan to carry this philosophy to the house

      • Good Luck. I am not sure I would be a good minimalist… I have too many collections. But I have been better about adding to existing collections. I try to follow this; for every one new thing, two have to go.

        I had read one year that one way a gal got rid of her ‘stuff’ was that every day for a year she got rid of five things (not including daily garbage). Either re-gifted or given to charity. And actually tossing those things which were on the to be fixed pile that she had no real intentions to fix.

        I actually got rid of a couple of simple desk chairs that we weren’t using anymore by just putting them at the curb in our suburban neighborhood with a ‘Free’ sign on them.

      • I am not much of a collector well I do like books but since moving to Sweden I rarely buy them. They sell mostly overpriced decorative books in the bookstores here with a couple of crime novels tossed in, not my taste at all. I have a 6 year old so she has a lot of stuff and then a husband who has a ton of hobbies. Living in a cold climate I actually need winter clothes so we have a lot of winter gear which I never needed in North Carolina

      • I’ve vacationed a time or two in Myrtle Beach. So I know that weather. Ah, 6 year olds can accumulate a few things. My boys have summer birthdays and well with the winter holidays and gifts I tried twice a year to get them to gift or give up some things before opening up new things. I used to not care for gift certificates thinking that the thought required to find something special was important. But it is also important for the person receiving the gift to enjoy it too. I read once of a group of older siblings who basically traded gifts of donations to charities since they didn’t really need anything and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

        Do you know of ?
        I started ‘Web-life’ there as JulesPaige. While not as active I still enjoy seeing where my books travel.
        You might like to check it out and trade books with others in your area. When I ‘trade’ books I do so by mailing books at media rate which is much less than the cost of a new paperback.

        I have a few different book collections too…

      • Hubbie likes to make gifts he is quite good at wood-working. One year he made a treasure chest for his nephew, along with pirate guns (which clicked but couldn’t fire anything obviously they were more like models) and he even stitched together a map by hand. He’s made his sister a tortilla press and just lots of things. I like gift cards because otherwise I only get shampoo or lotion or something very generic. Not from hubbie of course but from other family members

        That is beautiful story and idea!

        The book trade sounds very cool as well XD

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