I haven’t been sleeping so my brain is just rubbish. On a positive note I did buy a wrist brace and it is really helping the pain.



I have wanted for that

Which I do not possess

I have envied others

Their talent

Their beauty

Their content


I have wanted for suitors

For men over whom I hold

Intractable power

(Is worth not more intrinsic

Than opinion?)

I have wanted for the dignity

Of a well-lanned ambition

To create alien landscapes

From an eclectic syllabary

To weave dreams like Morpheus

Into starched collars

And patent leather shoes

That none may depart



I have hungered

For the prosaic

For food

For security

For a family whose love

Do not falter with utility


I have known poverty

In its literal sense

Survival above novelty

And still I have found

No absence greater

Than the human heart


Well-lanned means well-informed, knowledgeable, connected, and supported it actually comes the game Planescape Torment so it’s not technically a real word but it’s a good word so feel…

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8 responses to “Poverty

  1. Every day is a struggle in these times. I’m not impoverished, I make well above the minimum wage. Still, the cost on everything has risen so high that it’s impossible to make ends meet on one salary. I’ve thought about taking a second job, but the idea distresses me nearly to tears. I already work full time. It should be enough, but it’s not. 😦
    I sympathize with the wrist pain. I have carpal tunnel. I find the soft elastic fingerless gloves really help.
    Thank you for visiting The Netherworld and for your kind words.

  2. i am glad that you have found a bit of relief…though i hope you get some rest…

    i have known poverty of a sense as well…the edge of hopelessness…when i did not know if this would be the last…or maybe even at times hoping it was so the toil would be over…

  3. An amazing truth via envy for all the things we imagine we don’t have–but may have–and even if we didn’t, to have a heart is necessary for any contentment. So I love what you say here, and find the narrator mistaken about her poverty. Bring that heart anywhere and we’ll give you food and paper and electric to discover your talents.

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