House Hunting (miracle needed)


Another update I know what you are thinking where are the poems woman, the poems??? Truth is Sam and I are looking to buy a house. Neither one of us has owned home and it is a huge step for us. I liken getting a house to getting married, it is a lifelong commitment. And like raising a child there are more scenarios then we could possibly consider. It is terrifying to say the least. We’ve done a bit of browsing in the past but the homes we’d previously viewed were a little out of our range. There was no way for us to compete if a higher bid was placed so it didn’t quite feel real. The last two houses we viewed were significantly cheaper and we actually had a little bit of bidding room which means we’ve gone from a 0% winning the lottery kind of possibility to a 2% winning the lottery kind of possibility. We’ve extended our perimeters so the houses we viewed yesterday are deeper into Whoville then we’d originally considered. The town does meet our requirements though a bus stop, a school, a grocery, and it even has a 2 movie cinema lol The bus runs once an hour which is actually better than some of the closer locations but the commute for Sam will be longer. Since he can work from home he might do so once a week. This town might be our only chance if we don’t find a money making tree. Plus the town is close to a very lovely little town that does have some shops.

Anyways on to the houses!

The first one was actually very nice and I don’t think we could do better given our current scenario. The owners had done a number of repairs already and what’s left is nothing that needs immediate resolution. It is perfectly liveable as is. The kitchen was my favorite room it was recently redone and gorgeous but alas Sam just contacted me that the bidding went too high. So that dream has perished and I was feeling pretty hopeful too =( I really liked that one! There is always hope that the bidders find a place they like more and lets us have it! 

The second house is even cheaper and needs more work. It has a large number of basically unusable closets I mean every room has at least 2 closets so that totally eats up wall space. Secondly the kitchen is old and tiny so it would need a total makeover. Sam and I need a decent kitchen given how much cooking we do and this one didn’t have counter space and it had almost no cabinets, the fridge didn’t even fit inside. The house smelled funky as hell I don’t mean like mold funky but funky funky. There is very little interest in that house (maybe none because no one except us viewed it and it has been on the market for awhile) so we might actually have a shot. The problem is we don’t particular want it. Now we aren’t super picky Sam is a handy guy but we both know realistically that we can’t afford extensive repairs and this place needs work. The closets seriously bug Sam he just hates wasted space so he probably could not just live with them even though the house has more than enough space for our meager acquisitions. Except that kitchen because we do have our share of kitchen stuff.

We just saw online that a new house went up in the area we want. Absolutely fucking fabulous house. It is in the upper end of our price range but the monthly/yearly costs to own are the cheapest I have seen so we could afford to live there quite comfortably. But it so darn fabulous I can’t imagine it won’t get snatched up. My only hope is that the bright blue and bright yellow toilets/sinks/tubs and tacky floors will deter others and blind them from what really is an amazing place. Swedes do like a more traditional look so I really hope those eccentric elements will some how put them off. I don’t mind the weird colored bathroom appliances, the bright blue floor is rather strange I mean the whole bathroom is totally smurfed out haha The other bathroom has yellow appliances. Sam will book a time just encase. I really like it, I mean love so I am hoping for a miracle. I am feeling pessimistic though because it was just so beautiful “tears”

We are also booking for a so-so house. I can’t say so much about it, it looks a bit run down but realistically that sort of house is more attainable.

So that is kind of where my mind has been and where I was yesterday which is why I didn’t write anything new. The house above is not a house we actually looked at it is just a google image of an abandoned house. 




33 responses to “House Hunting (miracle needed)

  1. Get a picture in your mind of what you want Yves and white light it. Smother it with light, drown it with light, engorge it with the stuff and say this is what we want.

    • I need to go look at pictures of that super awesome house and drawn it in white light because really Laurie it was so damn lovely. Such a bright open cheerful space there was a room ideal for yoga I could feel it, smell it I knew I should be doing yoga there and even those crazy blue toilets are at least vibrant a lot of houses in our range are gloomy but this one was so welcoming. I took to it I also really like the house we got outbidded on and am still hoping that the bidders might find something they like more and leave it to us

  2. No need for poetry when your description of house hunting sparks my imagination as much as your poems do. I hope you find the perfect place 🙂

  3. Good luck my friend and I say embrace eccentric! The right house (and I hope its the one you like above) will drop into your path. I will be moving in a year so I won’t let me mind wander about house hunting just yet. Sending you lots of positive energy!

    • That’s the one I want Tony and we will try for it but in Sweden they have something called bidding so you can’t like buy a house you have to compete like in an auction and so if someone else wants it we are kind of screwed because we don’t have much money. I really detest the bidding system it makes it really really hard for low income families. I hope no one else is interested. They also make it nearly impossible to rent apartments by having a complex point system that discriminates against those who haven’t lived in Sweden long

  4. 🙂 Your descriptions are great. I so hope you end up with the first one you loved or the one with blue and yellow…both “feel” right to you and that makes all the difference. Huse hunting is not a lot of fun…i know i was stressed and shed a few tears…LOL. But i will tell you this DO NOT settle for the one you really detest, the too small kitchen and the funky smell…that one. 1) If you do not like it now…you will end up in a place you hate paying a mortgage…and stuck 2) If needed repairs are to extensive it will not only be pricey but will drag on forever too… cause you have to do a bit at at time as money permits.

    Sending positive vibes and warm supportive hugs!

    • I don’t mind looking at houses but it breaks your heart over and over. It isn’t easy to compete in the bidding system here. Sam can make repairs (I am afraid I might be useless in that regard) but we know that we have limits. Whenever we see a house in need of repairs we run the numbers just to get some idea and Sam calculates time and difficulty as well as how much he enjoys the task in question. Sometimes the work is something we couldn’t do on our own. Any house we can buy will need something done. Some things are much easier for Sam than others, some things can wait, some things are an immediate concern. Some things would be deal breakers like foundation issues or a roof that had to be replaced. I want to buy something we feel good about because with both of us being severely depressed there is too much at stake.

  5. No to the funky smell house … 🙂 Good luck on the Smurf house!! I would love to have some colorful 1920s or 30s fixtures …

    Have you tried making a list of everything you want? I include must-haves & nice-to-haves … and read over it on a regular basis …

  6. While I have never bought a house, I have lived in a lot of houses and it definitely helps to make a list of ‘must haves’. Keep it handy and read it often. The right house will come along. Sending you lots of love x

    • Thanks Bianca! We do have a very clear idea. We are on the same page as well. I also know his pet-peeves and what he most wants. A work area is very important to him (so a nice garage or basement area or a big shed), a decent size kitchen with cabinets and counter space (we do not want to have to remodel a kitchen off the bat because that is expensive). We must have one working bathroom (we want two bathrooms but there must be one that functions fully so we are never without). I want a room for exercise this a luxury but one I am passionate about. We are looking for a bright and open floor plan nothing too gloomy or too cramped. Sam hates wasted space/poor layout so he could not stand a bunch of small unusable closets I mean that would drive him to the point of completely redoing the walls which is too much of a cost. We are looking for a yard that is large enough for Izzy to play in but not so large that we cannot reasonably maintain it. I do not really want a lot of flowers and plants because neither one of us gardens. I’d rather just have green grass than a yard full of dead things (I mean I am a terrible gardener). Foundation damage is a no go and we cannot afford to replace a roof after buying a house. The exterior must be easy to maintain we prefer not to have painted exterior I forget the name of the material he likes. Rot, infestations, mold and any kind of significant water damage is a no go. Isadora must have a bedroom. Sam has a type of window he wants because it makes heating cheaper and it is better for the cold weather. Well you get the idea lol I don’t want carpet anywhere but that is unlikely in Sweden. I know he will consider me first before himself so I’ve got his back.

  7. ack my comment got eaten…

    house hunting can def be consuming…but not in a bad way always….so much possibility…and the future and ….fun to dream…and i hope you get your miracle…and keep dreaming….

      • Great! I was thinking of all the work finding one, negotiations, forms, signatures, ack! Taking on a house is like taking on a needy pet: no end to the maintenance and renovations and etc, but it’s good too, very good.

      • We have signed the contract on a house and put in a down payment XD I don’t mean the one above of course haha. This will be our first house so it is exciting and nerve-wracking and I imagine a whole lot of work

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