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I know I don’t generally post things like this but this video really touched me. I was supposed to go to the school today and register for Swedish classes but life had other ideas. Isadora and I were invited to go swimming at a lake so that’s what we did. I haven’t been swimming much since I moved to Sweden, which is a shame given how much I love water. If you read my companion blog Curious Flowers you’d know that I have put on some weight. I wasn’t feeling the whole half-naked thing and my extreme self-consciousness is probably why I haven’t used the nearby public pool.
Anyways I bought my swimsuit when I was very thin. The top was too small. I had to dig in the basement for a second suit, a suit I bought years ago when I was a a little more curvaceous. The top was too big. Without a properly fitting top I knew very well what would happen when Isadora started to jump and climb all over me. I have no problem with nudity but my own offends me terribly. I didn’t have time to purchase a suit and even if I had there are almost none left. So I wore a pair of female swim trunks and an ultra supportive black sports bra. My breasts weren’t going anywhere and absolutely no one was going to accuse me of being sexy haha


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  1. Fantastic video. I was moved by it actually! I give it double zeroes out of ten (which is better than a ten out of ten)! Also, I don’t go to the pool much myself as I’m always fearful of wardrobe malfunctions too. I really don’t feel like inadvertently inflicting my nude bits on the world. Nuh uh. No way.

  2. A touching video! For the rest of us accept that we must begin by accepting yourself! Be sure to swim bathing suit or your body!

  3. What a great video. Heartbreaking at first, and then infinitely cheering. 🙂 I have the whole bathing suit dilemma, too. I like to swim in lakes. I have a Solumbra swim shirt that zips up over any swimsuit, and it means no sunscreen, no burn and no bathing suit disaster. I like it a lot. Plus it’s hot pink. LOL

    • Swedes are quite open about nudity really in the park in summer I see lots of topless ladies sunbathing. It is just me that is self-conscious but I am not Swedish haha

  4. I don’t swim, and one of the best things about it is, no swimsuits! Woo hoo! (Trying to watch video, but it is slooow for me …)

    However, I want *you* to have one that’s flattering, sexy, and fits you properly! May the swimsuit shopping goddess be with you …

    • It is a wonderful video so I hope you will get the chance

      Awww thank you Heather =) I have a hard time finding swimsuits. I can’t wear one piece at all because I am too long in the torso and my breasts just don’t work its not like Pamela Anderson on Baywatch in real life, one pieces just don’t fit that way. The two piece I need to be able to buy the bottom and top separately and the tops are hard to find because I need it to be supportive and well-fitted so I can run around after my little girl. I also don’t want anything too skimpy

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