Chiara Fersini

Your words are distressed velvet

Weeping along the contours

Of my bones like a double-sided cloak

I press you deep and scavenge

For consent hoping that

Its’ unnecessary to confess

What we already know


The poison favored, tastes like sex

I worship death, I cast my heart

Into shallow wells

Like a wishing stone

You might be the truth

But there’s never proof enough

Only letting go


I’ll never compose

Another smile

Unless you first consign

Your destiny to mine

6 feet isn’t as far as you first suspect

We were young but not young enough

To believe that forever ever holds

Time will never give as much of you

As I am willing to accept


I knew you’d leave

When my eyes were closed

Magnets sometimes oppose,

No matter what they first intend

Life hurts worse than the converse

I gather my pride and pin it

Beneath my knees in a last attempt

But you’ve already scrubbed your cheeks

I guess we’ll never meet

On the better side of hello


I apologize for this because I didn’t have nearly enough time. I wrote this while listening to “A Thousand Kisses Deep” by Leonard Cohen


19 responses to “Scavenge

  1. its got an interesting rhythm to it…and some great zingers of lines…
    like the 6 feet not being far enough…and the better side of hello
    sad they will not connect truly….

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