Liu Liu

I’ve lived my whole life

Folded at the waist

A slave to petition

First as a child

Dependent on the pity

Of a mother

Who could neither

Prefer nor sustain her

Then as a student

Who, being spurned,

Could only beseech

Lastly as a woman

Whose rank relies

On the degree of intimacy

Obtained or intended


Your mouth looks as if

It has been ironed on

No aperture, just a bastion

Of conniving teeth

I love you because

You offer nothing

Not even the affectation

Of decency

And I in return

Can give nothing

Having been siphoned

Of both marrow and myth


We share a mutual enemy

Though I never address

Her by name she answers

Through the defacement

Of that which I hold dear

My heart

My safety

My sanity

Surrendered as stamps

To inhospitable nests


I am reading a book set in 19th Century China


11 responses to “Folded

  1. the middle stanza details the interesting relationship, neither with anything to give…but they do…the though of being syphoned of myth and marrow….wow…jumped out at me…

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