Wordle #19 “Perish”


Reciprocation is an art
And I haven’t the presence
To proselytize favor.
I have always assumed myself
Insignificant though it is love
That I crave above everything
Even my own life which
Is perishable in comparison

I wanted to live in you
An unbroken vitellus,
A dandelion crown,
A clinging placenta
Possessing the scars
That you, in isolation,
Should not bare them
We were imperfect,
As only lovers
Can be

For my heart alone I hoped
That you would remain
Of this sky, dulcet and chiffon
Those halcyon days
When your cobalt eyes
Aligned to the curvature
Of my smile and held

The asphalt stretches
Beneath your sullied shadow
Bereft of weeds
My fingertips recall
The length of your bones
A fence surrounding all
That was so precious within

Was it the sleuth in me
Or the traitor in you
That abolished our union?
I could forgive anything
If I stood next to you
We were perfect, if only