Locked In


Do I leave you bereft

Silent and intermittent

Like a blink?

When the darkness arrives

I step forward

Sleeves rolled to the elbows

Skin stained garnet

As congealed wine

And a heart wrapped

In cotton like an arrowhead

Or a child’s tooth


My desire is brutal

But inefficient

I cannot find in you

A vacancy

You’ve filled your mouth

With sweethearts

Every word perfect

And plump

Like a newborn baby

Only I can hear

The scream

Swelling behind

Your cloistered throat


Your tears are

The sweat of my labor

If I could freeze them

I’d fashion keys

To every door

You’ve ever passed through

Knowing that you’ve

Gone too deep

And locked yourself in


I was out most of the day family BBQ. I don’t think I have ever attempted to write a poem in such a short time frame and a hectic time at that so I apologize if this doesn’t make sense or if it seems incomplete