Marcela Bolivar

My authenticity,

Though not imbued by you,

Is recognized by no other

At least not without some

Measure of aversion

I might be prettier

If I had more

Than one expression ,

But a single admission

Could break me entirely


There are wolves

Bargaining for flesh

In the rooms of every

Unattended child

Better that you know

The consequence

Of silence


I am not worth

My weight in wool

I do not suffer more or less

But if I told you

Half of what I know

I am sure you’d look

The other way


Some days it’s just not okay

To remember

But it’s what I’ve forgotten

That dissipates the peace within

Did I create nightmares

Of the prosaic?

Am I just a cemetery flower?

Or did I stand too close

To the Devil

And witness something

I shouldn’t have?


Does anyone wish

They could forgive me

But find in my eyes

An inconsolable vacancy?

I wear gloves

Whenever we hold hands

So that our identities

Won’t collide

Am I alone again

Or just screening?


Encase you wonder about the poem it goes back and forth from childhood to adulthood relationship issues that result from being abused.


17 responses to “Screen

  1. I absolutely love the way this was written. I am so sorry I have not been around much. Please forgive me. This was an amazing piece to return to. Now that life is evening out, I plan to get here once more. You were missed. This work was actually an answer to prayer for me in some ways. I thank you for it. Hugs!!!!!

      • My brain apparently decided to go on vacation–hoping it went somewhere tropical. Still waiting for a postcard. 🙂

        I am ok. Just working out “stuff” which renders me quite quiet and introspective at times. I know you know what that is like. Thanks for understanding. Big hugs and much love sent your way!!

  2. I like “Did I create nightmares of the prosaic?/Am I just a cemetery flower?” but wonder
    did she mean prosaic as ‘commonplace’ or “prose y’?did she create nightmares ‘from’ the prosaic, or ‘for’? I’ve enjoyed looking through & reading yr work/thanx

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