I carry your grudge
As a locket
Attaching within
Linen portraits
Memories of armistice
When we lay aside
Our rivalries,
Our jealousies
Hours when we
Were more than
A weathered civility

But the gestures
Remain hollow
For you are not here
To observe
Their diligence
And I cannot acquit
Myself even in homage

A queer malady
This sentimentality
Sprouts up silver
Like numinous grains
That do not nourish
Just as ornaments
Do not truly
Define their seasons

I wish to recover
My composure
My knees which idle
As a vulture
Over dead things
But I want even more
Your mercy

This silence cannot
Be shattered
With a scream,
With fists,
Even a kiss
Could not steal
You from the grave


21 thoughts on “Wordle #17 “Grudge”

  1. carrying the grudge like a locket…great opening line….
    and quite the emotion there in the end…the want of the mercy
    but no chance once they are gone…

  2. First of all, I really liked the opening… how it holds you accountable to read the entire tale.
    And then, it all transforms into a silent tragedy, the effect of which lingers for long. The last few liens haunt and yet, one can relate with them. Powerful. đŸ™‚

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