Jellyfish_in_sky__atack_day_by_RedBaron1960RedBaron1960@Deviant Art


Life for which I have only a inkling

Swallows each day as a malignancy

As a snare pruning adversarial limbs

Each minute I have less of what

I was born with and more of what

I can neither accept nor mollify


I lay my tears out like jellyfish

To deliquesce on the surface

Only a martyr would think

Them beautiful on communion

I do not think I will be spared

So long as the amnesia preserves

My tragedies remain indomitable

And I too oft a weapon in their service


Back from vacation and off to a rusty start





18 responses to “Malignancy

  1. I love the imagery of this piece. The reference to laying the tears out especially caught my eye – that image is stuck inside my head now. Superb writing Ma’am, as always.

  2. the second half of this…with tears laid out like jelly fish…and only martyrs appreciating them…that is fresh…i like that much…

    so how was your trip?

    • Thank so much Brian I am so glad!

      The trip was nice we went the first day to a tropicarium/science center the exhibits were very nice and there were a lot of cool games. Isadora’s favorite bit was the animatronic dinosaurs there was one she got to ride, a very silly thing but she was over the moon about it haha The second day we went to the Amusement Park it had a lot of rides for small children which is why we chose this park specifically. Unfortunately the very first ride we rode was a roller coaster and it was scarier than expected! You can’t see anything of the ride when waiting in the line (you are inside). I noticed there was mostly adults and teenagers in the line which I found odd but she met the height requirements (she is rather tall though). She didn’t cry or scream but it did scare her quite a bit and I am actually very scared of heights so. From the brief and not clear look I got, it just looked like a cute train. After that she was a little more cautious about what she got on! We also did the whole sight-seeing gambit, Göteborg is a very beautiful city. It was very hot though and there is almost no AC there (luckily in the hotel but very little elsewhere including in most sections of the tropacarium). I saw a number of people fall out from heatstroke but despite walking all day in the direct sun we were okay no sunburns or anything

      Here is the ride

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