Dariusz Zawadzki

Better that I be featureless

For there is nothing in my eyes

To recommend awareness

And nothing in my smile

To suggest the advent of laughter

What star perished in my formation?

That I should remain so unevolved?


What an untenable tongue

That speaks every word

Regardless of meaning

As if it were offensive

That delivers love and blame

With identical intonation

As if a harpy or a mannequin.

Unless to break entirely

There is none who could

Amend my position


Perhaps I will never be understood

Only unjustly translated and perhaps

The burdens accrued shall be as theater

Not necessarily illustrating my intentions

Better a wooden leg than a false heart


I am off now!


29 responses to “Misunderstood

  1. Such a sad poem. That we should be so ‘unevolved’ as to deliver extremities of feeling with ‘identical intonation as if a harpy or a mannequin’. The picture is a perfect reflection of your words. While it appears menacing with nothing to commend it on the outside I feel for its inability to be understood when feelings there must be. I can almost hear its caws of frustration, no matter how delivered, that perceptions may belie intent.
    Your words are very evocative. They always challenge thought when reading. Another fine piece to mull on.
    I hope you’re in less pain than you were. x

  2. That was wonderful! Just wonderful.


    do you think me odd looking
    terrifying perhaps
    do you look away
    avert your eyes
    so that you don’t stare
    show your discomfort
    do you thank whatever God you believe in
    that this is my face
    and not yours
    how naive
    how clueless
    tell me
    did you truly believe
    that our scientists
    were only experimenting
    on animals

  3. “Only unjustly translated and perhaps

    The burdens accrued shall be as theater”

    How often ancient manuscripts are unjustly translated and have become fodder for theater. Excellent. Perhaps one day so shall the words we play with.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words on ‘the second chime’ – I had fun with it.

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