You’re always looking

For a grave to fill

A suicide to allay

Your grievances

You are as indispensable as air

With so many roles to fill

You are sure to become God

(Perhaps you already are)


You paint me red,

With concentric serpents

To calibrate your defect

Your words perforate

And deny extraction

Even if I forgive

These barbs shall remain

Just as you left them, like a nest

Like the frantic preservation

Of a diminishing motherhood


The hour will come

When I am unnecessary

When I’ve no tears

Left to barter

I don’t know if you’ll be

Better or worse

Without me

But I will not

Live long enough

To see it


You do not like my smile

The way it denies

Our suffering

They way it rallies and grapples

I do not want to be bitter

To live amongst grapefruits

Does that make me artificial?

Can I not simply look at the sky

And find a single cloud

That is not a sheep or a dragon?


In that great expanse

There is a jungle,

A farm,

An ocean

And always something new

Left to discover


Just a reminder I will be on vacation from Wednesday through Friday