endless_slumberMarcella Bolivar



Prompt #62 and Wordle #16



Ever taciturn,

Her lips denounce

The possibility between us

How capricious the light

In the presence of smoke

But the fire remains

Desperately auspicious


Her breath speaks of purity

And smells of exclusion

A subtle artifice her voice

Has no place in this world

Even less in my heart

Yet there it remains

A song intimated

But noiseless


She inhabits me

As a scofflaw

Furtive and castigating

She occupies me as resin

The very substance

Of a ravishing frisson

I know that we are destined

No matter how circuitous

The engagement


On Wednesday early in the morning I am leaving for Göteborg. We are going to visit Liseberg (it’s an amusement park). I will be back late Friday. I will not have internet access so I won’t be posting during that time and possibly not on Saturday either. I will miss you guys!